KKU’s encouragement to use ECOLIFE, fun and eco-friendly application

On September 10, 2018 – Infrastructure Affairs, Public Utility, Energy and Environment Management Division, and Kid Kid Kid Company Limited promoted Eco Life 2018 at Complex KKU
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Infrastructure Affairs, Public Utility, Energy and Environment Management Division, and Kid Kid Kid Company Limited promoted Eco Life 2018, and Asst. Prof. Kittapatr Dhabhalabutr, Assistant to the President for Infrastructure together with Siraphan Wattanajinda and Pipat Apirakthanakorn, Eco Life 2018 Project creators, attended this event. Many students, staff, and interested people also participated in this activity.


The beginning of Eco Life 2018 promotion was after Khon Kaen University had attended SUN Thailand (sustainable University Network of Thailand) Meeting. This event emphasized the promotion of ECOLIFE application to raise an awareness of becoming a green university, encourage eco-friendly behavior, reduce plastic bag usage, and consider the effects on environment in the long run.


Asst. Prof. Kittapatr Dhabhalabutr, Assistant to the President for Infrastructure said that when speaking of KKU’s green and smart campus strategies, Infrastructure Affairs, Public Utility, Energy and Environment Management Division saw thought that this project related to the strategies and benefited the organization as well as helped reduce greenhouse effect. Consequently, this project was widely promoted among students and interested people concerning for environment.


“According to strategy 1, green and smart campus, the process of taking care of environment is separated into 4 phases. The first phase is cooperative policy between academic institutes, or 28 universities, and private sector under the concept of Sustainable University Network of Thailand, and this time we cooperate with Kid Kid Kid Company Limited. The 2nd phase is running a campaign in the university. In the 3rd phase, the project can proceed by communication among students with the help of Khon Kaen Student Union or Conservation Club KKU having connection in every faculty. We expect students to communicate with their own language so that the project can go on continuously and sustainably. The 4th phase is evaluation which is going to be conducted in October 2018, that is, convenient stores are going to stop giving plastic bags on October 1, 2018. At the end of October, statistic boards, showing how many plastic bags of each store are reduced, are going to be put at 7 convenient stores in the university and continue counting for 6 months until March 2019 with the objective to reduce 170,000 plastic bags. Therefore, Khon Kaen University cooperates with Kid Kid Kid Company Limited in introducing ECOLIFE application to motivate students to join this project. Plastic trash can be brought to convenient stores to earn points, and the points can be redeemed on ECOLIFE application. Other different rewards are movie and concert ticket discount and purchase of ECOLIFE’s products. All of these can help students learn and be a part of this project,” Asst. Prof. Kittapatr said.


Siraphan Wattanajinda, an Eco Life 2018 Project’s creator revealed that the company had started Eco Life Project, an Eco Mobile Application that was part of a campaign for environment. Interested people had tested this application and found that carbon footprint had been reduced by 33,887 Kilo Carbon. The satisfying number led to cooperation between the company’s project and university network, in which Khon Kaen University participated. In the 1st phase, the project aimed to encourage changes in behavior to be more eco-friendly by reducing plastic bag usage, so the application that was fun, user-friendly, and could show concrete results from evaluation, had been created for this project.


“Our ultimate goal is that all Thai people can use this application or it can be used as a model in other countries for raising awareness in changing behavior and make the best use of plastic because we don’t want to push people too hard but rather slow and steadily. Then they are going to absorb this idea and change sustainably. ECOLIFE Application is available both for IOS and Android.  After users have downloaded the application and go to cafeterias or convenient stores, QR codes are going to be provided at those places. When ECOLIFE Application users refuse to use plastic products: bags, straws, cups, spoons and forks or anything, they can scan QR codes. After that the data of how many plastic bags a user can reduce each day will be saved in the server, so the university can see how many bags students from each faculty can reduce. Besides the statistic, the cartoon character in application will grow up with bigger space. Users can enjoy using this application even more,” said an Eco Life 2018 Project creator.  


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