KKU students win a popular vote from Pan Fan the Bandit Year 4 project

A group of KKU students win the audience vote from a national television program called, Pan Fan the Bandit Year 4, based on a project that emphasizes on the importance of water to our lives
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9 ต.ค. 2561    Kunnigar Rattanaprasertsri

 A team of KKU students was voted the best team in a competition entitled, “The Graduate Dream Chasers” or better known among Thai as, "Pan Fan the Bandit Year 4", which is a contest that promotes the importance of water to our lives. The KKU winning project emphasized on a local scale water management for hygienic vegetation. It was among other best ten projects that were selected for broadcasting on Wow 26 television. Since the team obtained the highest vote from the audiences, they were awarded with a chance to learn about sustainable agriculture and local way of life in Hanoi between 14-17th September, 2018.  

The winner team consisted of five students including; Ms. Tirada  Deemued, a land and environmental resource student, Mr. Setakhoon Hemtanon, an agricultural engineering student, Mr. Norathep Jipayap from college of local administration, Ms. Wijitra Sanusan, a science student, and Ms. Taraninooch Srigasorn, a law student. The team was supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chuleemart Boonthai Iwai from Faculty of Agriculture.

In the Hanoi trip, the students visited Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) and a ceramic village of Bat Trang. Bat Trang is located in a water rich area and is blessed with good soil for ceramic making. The team also visited Thanh van commune’s agricultural cooperative, a place that is famous for the production of organic jasmine rice and HANOI Thanh Xuan Organic Vegetables which is a forefront institute that initiated the idea of organic vegetables to Vietnamese. It is also an income source for poor people in the area. The team visited an old temple that used to be a place where Jong-Nguan test or royal scholar testing process took place. Encrypted in the ancient wall of that temple notifies an old preaching on that a man with good moral is more important a man with good knowledge.   

News/Photos: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chuleemart Boonthai Iwai



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