Infrastructure Affairs develops landscape for winter festival

Does landscape development by removing bushes of cattail including lotus and dredging Sithan Pond have negative effects on environment, birds, or fish?
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5 พ.ย. 2561    Wadchara Noichompoo

Sithan Pond landscape development has started since October 13, 2018, and water plants such as cattails and lotuses were cut, so there were concerns about surrounding animals such as birds and fish.


Asst. Prof. Kittapatr Dhabhalabutr, Assistant to the President for Infrastructure, explained via the social media, “Public Utility, Energy and Environment Management Division, Khon Kaen University cooperates with other divisions under the authority of Office of President, such as Building and Facility Division, Finance Division, Security Division, and Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Division, to develop landscape around Sithan Pond from 13 October 2018 to 7 December 2018. This is for King Rama IX on occasion of the anniversary of his death (13 October 2018), for Sithan Festival (20-22 November 2018), and commencement ceremony (7 December 2018).”


He added, “We have planted young trees such as Kalapruek trees and Gurjan trees  at the back of KKU Science Park, drudged the pond, cut the excess cattail bushes at the edge of the pond near the new Kalapruek Road (from the drugstore to the back gate of  Golden Jubilee Convention Hall). We also removed some lotuses to clear the area for illuminated boats for Sithan Festival. Trees and grass at the ground in front of the hall were finely trimmed; used water was treated and used to water plants in front of the hall. The young plants were grown to reuse the water wisely; the drudged soil was used in planting yellowish cosmos along the pond, so please do not step on the flowers.”


“However, there are concerns that removing cattails and lotuses as well as drudging may have bad effects on fish and birds – they may lose their habitat and die. I do appreciate your concerns. Anyway, we never overlook these issues, so we had surveyed the area before developing the landscape. We found that the cattail bushes were very tall (over 2 m. on average) and grew thickly which could cause bad for vision and be dangerous, especially for anyone who come to exercise at night. Near the thick cattail bushes, we haven’t found many birds, but a lot of snakes. Therefore, Public Utility, Energy and Environment Management Division has cut the bushed as tall as the level of the water in the pond to make better vision and drudged the shallow pond but maintain the same condition of the banks.”


“Now, you can see that the new leaves of the cattail bushes started to grow because their roots are still in the pond; moreover, their spores can spread very fast. Luckily, we found that there have been a lot of birds coming to find their food in this area since last week and living in the cattail bushes because they are less thick, so there are no snakes. Approximately, the birds we found were 100 cinnamon bitterns, 100 teals, 30 black-winged stilts, and 8 pairs of purple swamphens, so I’d like to invite professional photographers to take photos of these birds and please share in Facebook.”


“Public Utility, Energy and Environment Management Division develop the landscape around Sithan Pond aiming to keep it clean, beautiful, and safe for everyone. We hope to make this area as a gift for new graduate without any purposes to ruin environment or university’s property. If there is anything that causes you inconvenience or unease, we would like to apologize and welcome any advice from everyone,” Asst. Prof. Kittapatr said.


News: Wadchara Noichompoo


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