Med students gain fame as the 2nd runner-up of international awards

Students from Faculty of Medicine, KKU are the 2nd runner-up of the international awards for literature review, emphasizing the importance of full-face helmet protecting head from brain injury
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6 พ.ย. 2561    Kamonporn Wannapakea

On October 25-28, 2018 – Medical International scientific competition of medical fiesta 2018 was held at Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawujaya, Malang, Indonesia, and there were 2 teams of Thai Medicine students passing to the final round – 6 students were from Khon Kaen University. One of two teams won fame for Khon Kaen University by becoming the 2nd runner-up of this competition. The team members consist of: 

1. Soramon Chaichan, 4th year Medicine student

2. Thatchanon Asawalertsaeng, 4th year Medicine student

3. Pat Weerapongthongchai, 5th year Medicine student


Medical International scientific competition of medical fiesta 2018 was the competition of articles submitted related to medical science research. The competition was divided into 3 kinds: 1.Research paper, 2.Public campaign, and 3.Literature review. For the 2nd year of Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, there were students joined the competition for literature review under the theme of Neuro emergency, and the submitted topic paper was “Are full-face helmets the most effective in preventing head and neck injury in motorcycle accidents?”


Soramon Chaichan said, “Our success this time happened with great help of Asst. Prof. Amnat Kitkhuandee (MD), Prof. Kittisak Sawanyawisuth (MD), and Prof. Pewpan Maleewong (MD) who kindly advised about researching and shared experience in treating head and neck injured patients so well that our team could convey this knowledge in the form of academic paper and won the prize. Our team presented about helmets, and campaign of wearing helmet in Thailand has been launched several times. However, there’s no specification of types of helmets that can truly reduce the severity of brain injury, so our team did some research and concluded that only full-face helmet could protect brain from injury. Besides launching campaign, I think we should make policy about wearing helmet in the future.”


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