KKU architecture students win restroom design for Leo Stadium

KKU architecture students win restroom design for Leo Stadium and reap a 50,000 Baht money award
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8 พ.ย. 2561    กรรณภัสร์ สิริเกียรติ

Congratulations to KKU’s senior architectural students, Wisaroot Poosoongnern, Chainirun Udthong, and Pichitchai Saen-narong who have reaped a winning prize of 50,000 Baht worth from the Leo Stadium’s restroom design, the event hosted by BGFC and Stiebel Eltron Asia Limited.

Chainiru Udthong, said on the team behalf that said he and his colleagues are really proud to win this prize despite it is their first time working together. They found it was obscure to divide the tasks to each member. This unclear division of task benefited the team because they had to eventually work together on the same matter remain unsolved. They also had to work against the clock due to limited time. Chainirun and his team are grateful for their two advisors, Assoc. Prof.  Ponsawas Piriyasata and Assoc. Prof. Kulasri Tungsakul who had advocated their work thoroughly. As its name says, “CAVE” is used as a theme for the restroom design in order to make the athletes feel relax after their competitions. Cave signifies a mysterious relaxing power of nature that is worth for exploration.  

Pawin Pirompakdee, a president of BGFC explained that KKU students’ design won the contest due to the conceptual design of CAVE that captivates relaxation among the sportsmen. The model is also known for its fine application of colors and modernization which keeps the athletes’ privacy while successfully encourages muscular and physical relaxation. Most importantly, the winners also have a smart selection and combination of Stiebel products.

BGFC Stiebel Eltron Water Solution project has been opened for three months to welcome the best restroom model designs for the Leo Stadium. On October 30th, the committee announced the three finalists from the total of 50 models prior to the winner announcement on November 2nd. The official award presentation will be held on the seasonal opening match at Leo Stadium, and the date has yet been confirmed by the source.  

News: Ganapat Sirikiart

Source: http://www.bangkokglassfc.com 

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