The 4th year of “3 Powers for Nation” at CMU

KKU is ready to exchange knowledge with PSU and CMU for the 4th time of “3 Powers for Nation” at Chiang Mai University with the aims of improving performance and having satisfactory outcomes
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9 พ.ย. 2561    Udomchai Supanavong

On November 13-14, 2018, Khon Kaen University’s administrators as well as administrators of different faculties and offices are attending the project called “3 Powers for Nation” for exchanging knowledge according to MOU with PSU and CMU for the 4th year at Chiang Mai Grand View Hotel, Chiang Mai Province. The objectives of this project are to give administrators and staff an opportunity to exchange their experiences of administration to find better approaches and improve cooperation among faculties and offices trying to achieve concrete results, which can be properly applied with different context. Moreover, this project can strengthen relationship and bring about sustainable cooperation.  


Knowledge exchanging project according to MOU that KKU made with PSU and CMU started from Khon Kaen University’s mission which is to respond to the need of community, society, and the nation. Moreover, there is development plan based on the university’s vision requiring that the university play the major role as a model for the development of different aspects. Therefore, to have high standard performance and outcomes, the university needs to create development plans including integration of new administration tools, and develop network as well as cooperation between significant target group, especially with outstanding universities in the nation.  There are knowledge exchanging activities, according to MOU among KKU, PSU and CMU or so called “3 Powers for Nation,” to support cooperation as stated in the missions and strategies of the 3 universities that share its own experiences and cases to learn together focusing on good practice and mutual improvement. In 2018, Chiang Mai University is the host holding the activities for this project in accordance with “3 Powers for Nation” which is held for the 4th year on November 13-14, 2018.  


On November 13, 2018, the opening ceremony and other activities are going to be held by the host at Chiang Mai Grand View Hotel, Muang District, Chiang Mai Province. Prof. Dr. Pongruk Sribanditmongkol, Vice President of Chiang Mai University, is going to deliver report speech, and Clin. Prof. Niwes Nantachit (MD), President of Chiang Mai University is going to give welcome speech and open the ceremony. After that Asst. Prof. Dr. Niwat Keawpradub, President of Prince of Songkla University, and Assoc. Prof. Dr.Kittichai Triratanasirichai, President of Khon Kaen University, are going to talk about relationship of KKU, PSU, and CMU – 3 Powers for Nation. Then there are special talks on the topic of Disruptive University by Mr. Suthichai Yoon, and Disruptive Education by Dr. Prinn Panitchpakdi, a governor of the SET’s Board and a member of National Innovation Board.


On this occasion, Khon Kaen University’s participants, totally 143 people, consist of the university administrators, and administrators of different faculties as well as offices, staff who are related to the selected topic, the project committee, and other related people. Human Resource Division of Khon Kaen University is responsible for the project, and participants can attend the special talk sessions and will be separated into groups based on selected topics. After that, participants have to present what they have shared and learned in different aspects – 1) teaching and learning in the topic of Outcome based Curriculum Design and Implementation, 2) academic and research in the topic of university’s role promoting security, prosperity, and sustainability, especially in the provincial and regional areas and research topic adding value to Social Enterprise, 3) human resource in the topic of supporting staff’s performance evaluation and big data, and 4) university’s asset management in the topic of Transform University  (Facilitator). Furthermore, there are presentation of the concluded results from exchanging knowledge of each aspects, and educational tour stated in the program that the host provided.      


It was an honor for Khon Kaen University to be the host of knowledge exchanging project with PSU and CMU or “3 Powers for Nation,” in the 3rd year on November 27, 2017 at Kosa Hotel, Muang District, Khon Kaen Province. Assoc. Prof. Dr.Kittichai Triratanasirichai, President of Khon Kaen University, presided over the opening ceremony, and administrators including staff from 3 universities, totally over 600 people, participated in this project.  


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Photos: Boripat Tasee


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