50,000 people have attended in day2 of the cadavers cremation rite

The royal cremation ceremony for the cadavers held by KKU still attracts massive crowd. Over 50,000 people were reported to attend the rite on its day 2 operation, yielding a 1.2 baht donation.
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23 ม.ค. 2562    Raviporn Saisaenthong

On 23  January, 2019,  a massive number of crowd attend the third day of the royal cremation ceremony held at KKU’s Golden Jubilee Convention Hall,  the special case offered  to the cadavers and the body of the well-respected abbot, Pratepwittayakom (Luangpor Koon Parisootto).

 Throughout the day different groups of people take turns to pay homage the body of the great abbot. In the morning, a group of Malaysian disciples attended the ceremony,  then in the afternoon, 107 men from Nakonratchsima attended the ordaining ceremony. At 5 pm., Mr. Od  Pongsawan, the chairman of the Center for Laos Nation Foundation co-hosted the funeral pray. At 19 o’clock, Mr. Santi Laoboonsa-ngiam, the Khon Kaen deputy governor, led the crowds in the evening funeral pray rite.

Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Panthongwiriyakul, the medical science dean, said that on 22January, the second day of the ceremony, over 50,000 people had attended the ceremony, yielding up to 1.2 million baht of donation which will serve the purpose of Luangpor Koon Foundation. Over thousands of books in remembrance of the passed away monk were distributed during the day.

Mrs. Siriluk Prasert, a wife to Late Tamarat Prasert, one of the cadavers, said that her husband passed away on 16 February, 2012. Her family conducted a royal cremation ceremony for him. However, the ceremony conducted by KKU is much more honorable for her family.

“He was a good man, good husband and father and he was a good teacher. When he was teaching in Khon Kaen Wittayayon School, and many of his students are now doctors and nurses working at Srinagarind hospital. He donated his body so that it can be used for the anatomy learning among the medical and health students. Thank you KKU for conducting the body donation program to help create a better medical for all. I and other members of my family have registered for body donation. We are proud to take part in this royal cremation ceremony and we are more than please to corporate with the ceremony.” Said Mrs. Siriluk.

People can present the sandalwood flowers from 22-28 January, from 8 am to 10 pm at KKU Golden Jubilee Convention Hall and from 8 am to 6 pm at Watnongwang Pra Aramluang in the same dates.  There are four rounds of the pray per day.

      Round1: 10 am (Buddha’s Mantras), Round 2: 2pm. Pray for funeral, Round 3: 5pm. Pray for funeral, and Round 4: 7pm. Pray for funeral,

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