Over 100,000 people have paid respect to Luangpor Koon's body

Massive crowd have consistently flown in to pay respect to the body of the well-respected Luangpor Koon's body on the sixth day of the royal cremation ceremony held at KKU's Kanjanapisek Hall.
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27 ม.ค. 2562    Raviporn Saisaenthong

       On 27 January, 2019, there were a massive number of people attending the seventh day of the royal cremation ceremony for the body of the Great Teachers—the cadavers—and  the body of the well-respected Pratepwitayakom (Luangpor Koon Parisootto). The rite was anticipated to be especially crowded since it was on Sunday that Khon Kaen International marathon took place. The Kulapapreuk road was closed for the international marathon preservation. The traffic could flow better during the afternoon. While the congestion resumed late evening at 7 pm because a large number of people attend the evening pray for funeral held at KKU’s Golden Jubilee Convention Hall. The rite was chaired by Mr. Suwapan Tanyuwatana, the cabinet minister.

Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Panthongwiriyakool, the Faculty of Medical Science dean estimated that over a hundred thousand of people would attend the royal cremation ceremony bestowed on the body of Luangpor Koon. The areas on the Isaan Buddhism Square were estimated to adequately withstand the number of the people attending the funeral on January 29. The inner area of the funeral site, close to Hasadiling statue, capable for 10,000 guests, is observed for the VIP guests and the relatives of Luangpor Koon. The external zone that can cater for over 100, 000 people is installed with the LED screens. On January 28, the area was open for the public to offer the sandalwood flowers before the rehearsal of processing of the late abbot’s body at 9 pm of the same day.

As of January 26, based on the number of the sandalwood flowers offered in respected to the body of Luangpor Koon, about 115,723  people had paid attended the rite,  74, 567 people attended the rite at KKU, and 41,156 at Isaan Buddhism Square. The organizers have prepared three parking areas for those who wish to pay homage to the body of Luangpor Koon in Isaan Buddhism Square: 1) Cow Market area, 2) Parking area before the front of the Buddhism Square, 3) Parking area after the front of Buddhism Square. There is a free service of about 150 shuttle buses to fetch the people from and to the parking areas to the cremation site.  

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