KKU receives Thailand Quality Class Award for its excellent management

KKU is entitled the recipient of Thailand Quality Class (TQC) Award 2018 for its excellent administration, the award presentation ceremony was held at Thailand Quality Award Office, Bangkok.
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31 ม.ค. 2562    Raviporn Saisaenthong


On January 30,2019, Khon Kaen University was awarded excellent administration award from Thailand Quality Class (TQC). The award presentation ceremony held at Department of Primary Industries and Mines, Ministry of Industry was chaired by Dr. Pasu Lohanchoon, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Industry. A group of KKU administrators attending the ceremony consisted of  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sirichai Trirattanasirichai, The KKU president, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lungpang Manmart, the vice president for plan and strategy, Professor Supachai Patoomnakul, the vice president for research and technology transfer, Asst. Prof. Saowaluck Sookprasert, the assistant director of the education development department, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pensri Chalearnwanit, the dean of the Faculty of business administration and accountancy.


The ceremony started by a remark from Dr. Panit Laosirirat, the director of Thailand Productivity Institute and chairman of Thailand Quality Class Award. Dr. Panit said that the objective of the award is to encourage higher performance standard for the Thai organizations to cope with the future change. Mr. Piyaboot Chonwichan, the chairman of the TQC, announced the names of the winners for different awards including; Thailand Quality Award (TQA), Thailand Quality Class Plus (TQC Plus), and Thailand Quality Class (TQC) for the fiscal year 2018. The last session was a talk by Dr. Pasu Lohanchoon about how the presentation of the TQC award helps increase the productivity of the Thai organization.


“It is indispensable for the organizations to increase the compete capacity in order to cope with the current world mobilization. The quality production should be encouraged at all business sections. Based on the standard of the TQC award, it is important for the organizations to improve their work strategies and to increase their productivity via a systematic evaluation method to successfully help increase the Thai national productivity. Even though there is no organization qualified for the TQC award in 2018, the attempt to applied the standard of the TQC to their organizations does help improve the performance of the office and escalades the industrial organization of Thailand, which enables Thailand at the international competition”. Said Dr. Pasu.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kitichai Trirattanasirichai said the four factors that help KKU to be the first Thai university to reap the Thailand Quality Class (TQC) award are: 1) Having clear institutional direction at which all levels of KKU staff were engaged in the planning of the offices’ strategies, 2) Having smooth intertwine and corroboration from all departments and offices. All levels of administrators, starting from the university council right down to the heads of smaller offices in the university all well-chorus to the university’s strategies, 3) Having good connectivity with the communities across the Isaan region. This helps the university to research into the community problems and bring back the research results for the community development, and 4) Having standard norm for in quality assurance. KKU has been exercising the quality assurance policy ever since the establishment of the quality assurance department in 1998. The quality assurance endorses on consistency of development of curriculum and instruction and the university’s all rounded development.

“The major obstacles for this award relies on how to create understand to why quality assurance has to be implemented. Since we have consistently exercises on our quality assurance measures, we are now standing out from the crowd and that is why we are awarded with the TQC. It is important to make effective communication with the staff and community on our ground to have the quality assurance. The culture of quality assurance should be an organization’s culture that takes a strong hold despite the changing of the administration team”. Said KKU president.
           There are 13 organizations receiving the 2018 TQC awards based on the following categories. The organization with outstanding operation presented with the Thailand Quality Class Plus: Operation Award is TPP Global Chemical Public Company Limited. The organization with outstanding customer service presented with the Thailand Quality Class Plus: Customer is Government Saving Bank. And 11 organizations presented with the Thailand Quality Awards for their administration toward excellence are; Khon Kaen University, Rachaprapha Dam, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand: Wachiralongkorn Dam, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand: Srinagarind Dam, Faculty of Medical Sciences of Chulalongkorn University, Government Housing Bank, Bangchak Corporation, Khanom Electricity Generating Company, PTT LNG Limited, IRPC Limited Public Company, Hydropower Electricity Generating Company in the Northeastern Region.


The standard of Thailand Quality Class award is equivalent to other world’s quality class awards such as;  The USA Quality Class Award and The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) which provided a blueprint for the quality award development in many countries including Japan, Australia, and The Philippines.


Thailand Quality Award (TQA) was first established on September 5, 1996 under the conjunction of Thailand Productivity Institute and The National Center for Science and Technology Development. It emphasizes on encouraging the application of the ideas in quality development at the Thai organizations. The organizations receiving the awards have to share their story of success to the public to inspire the change at the national level.

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