KKU opens the 2nd training for southern officials

KKU and Office of Civil Service Commission (OCSC) trains the 2nd batch of southern officials including teachers, officials and police officers to prepare them for Thailand 4.0
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10 ก.พ. 2562    Prapaporn Khanchai

           KKU President Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul and Mr. Piyawat Siwarak, Vice Secretary General of OCSC co-chaired the opening ceremony of “Efficiency Enhancement and Quality Development of Officials from the Southern Border” on February 10, 2019 at V-wish Hotel, Khon Kaen. Khon Kaen’s heads of official organizations and Khon Kaen University’s administrators welcomed the group. The training runs from February 9 to February 15, 2019.

          In 2019, Office of Academic Services of Khon Kaen University organizes training for 4 groups of 100 each totaling 400 trainees. There are 120 officials in the 2nd batch.

           Assoc. Prof. Kriengkrai Kitjaroen, Director of Office of Academic Services said during his reporting speech that “Efficiency Enhancement and Quality Development of Officials from the Southern Border” is held following the government’s policy and has the following objectives: 1) to develop the officials from the target group, that is, civil servants, official teachers and educators and police officers who work in the target areas so that they can take leadership roles and the roles in development toward Thailand 4.0; 2) to develop thinking skill and necessary skill for future work by taking into account the country’s and people’s benefits rather than personal benefits; 3) to build allies and promote responsive implementation, raise awareness and responsibilities; 4) to be acknowledged of the thought of officials and the target group in solving problems for national development; and 5) to build moral support for the officials in the target group by enhancing knowledge and training them how to retain their quality of life in physical, emotional, mental, and thinking aspects, and to understand how they deal with tension from work. The participants will be able to relax from the tense atmosphere at work and the dangerous condition at the working areas.

          The training this time features lectures, group activities, study trips, application of the sufficiency economy concept, Thai architectural and art study, a trip to Khao Khor, Petchaboon, study of lifestyles, socio-economic and cultural conditions at Lan Chang, Lao PDR, study of Na Kha community enterprises, and physical check-up by Faculty of Associated Medical Science, and a socio-economic study trip in Khon Kaen.”


         Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul said in his welcoming speech, “Welcome the officials from the southern border and representatives from OCSC. I hope that you will enjoy your time in Isan and Khon Kaen. Have safe and nice trips to different places and also back home.” 

           Mr. Piyawat Siwarak said in the opening speech, “OCSC has organized this project since 2007 with good collaboration from our 4 allies namely: Chiengmai University, Mae Fa Luang University, Burapa University and Khon Kaen University. KKU receives a great deal of appreciation. The training here has been appropriately and carefully planned. Those who attended in the previous group praised the project here in the evaluation and rated at the very good levels. The project truly expects the officials to obtain new and important knowledge that is important for their work, especially about the royal projects, successful learning centers for people. We also want you to relax and have a break, and to experience many aspects of work and lifestyles during the study trips including cultures and traditions in neighboring countries and other important places. In addition, the participants will build good relationships among themselves by doing activities together which will be useful for the steps towards Thailand 4.0 as they will connect and share information.” 

         Miss Pakakrong Srikrit, an official teacher from Pattani said, “I attended the training before and was very impressed. KKU team takes very good care of us. I told others back home and decided to come again. There is a change this time with a trip to Khao Khor and Lao PDR.”


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