KKU joins KBank to enhance new online business generation

Khon Kaen University by Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy and K Bank signed MOU to promote students’ online businesses
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12 ก.พ. 2562    Warunu Donnue

        February 12, 2019 – Khon Kaen University represented by Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy signed MOU with Kasikorn Thai Bank to promote online business among students. The aim is for training students in financial management and other administration so that they will go out as the new generation of businessmen accountants, and entrepreneurs who are ready to enter the national and international labor market. The MOU were signed by Prof. Surasak Wongratanacheewin, Acting Vice President for Education, Assoc. Prof. Pensri Jaroenwanit, Dean of the faculty and Mr. Weerawat Pantawangkoon, Senior Vice Manager of K Bank.

          After the MOU signing ceremony, there will be training and seminars for students and any interested people on topics related to online businesses and trading, financial management and other administration of work starting in February. The first activity will be “KOS ON TOUR” workshop for teen online traders who need inspiration for their business and who want to learn more about inline businesses for good sale and good profits. The workshop will be organized 4 times: February 28, 2019 from 1.00 p.m. until 4.30 p.m.; March 7, March 21, and March 28, 2019. Each time the topics are interesting and fit for online traders such as use of Social Media, good caption, any goods will sell, how to build cool content, close technique. Teacher Tip, a digital expert from Digital Tips Academy will run the workshop. Those interested can apply from now until February 19, 2019.

          Assoc. Prof. Pensri Jaroenwanit, Dean of Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy said that we are at the 4.0 period, so technology is important. New business people turn to rely on online things and can run their own business. Students alike, can use the online channel to do business and become an entrepreneur in parallel to their program study. They may sell their goods on website or social media such as Facebook, Line, or post their goods on any service web free of charge.

        We have entered the age of economic, social, and technological competition in which development is leaping. The 21st Century development evolves so rapidly and brings inevitable impact on the lives of all of us. What is challenging is adjustment to the changes in all dimensions. The university that prepares graduates for the labor market needs to adjust itself by sending out qualified people and at the same time be ready for the changing globalization according to the expectations of the society and labor market. Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy is aware of this and hence starting from 2017, initiated and  established “Professional Excellence Development Center” to equip the students with the 21st Century learning skills. The center administers, supports, promote, and organizes extra curricular activities to develop Hard Skills and Soft Skills for the students. Students learn to prepare application documents, train to think creatively, train to communicate professionally, and learn social etiquettes. Then the faculty laid the development framework including learning skills, professional skills, life skills and skills for living in the 21st Century.

          “In order to concretely and effectively carry out work that answer what had been planned, a professional network was sought to open the world visions for the students and enhance entrepreneurial skills for the students. Kasikorn Bank was contacted and invited to assist us because the bank has expertise in financial management. It is among the first banks in Thailand that adopts online business and promotes transaction on line. Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy has joined K Bank to enhance, support students who are running online business or are stepping into the business so that they will become efficient and competent to run online business and will become a successful new-generation accountant, business administrator and .entrepreneur in domestic or international labor market,” said the dean.

          Mr. Weerawat Pantawangkoon, Senior Vice Manager of K Bank explained that nowadays technology has greatly developed, enabling ease of online communication and hence selling goods and transaction can be done online. It is particularly true in this era where everyone uses cell phones. Online sale and online businesses have become an occupation that brings a lot of income. Goods can be sold online to people all over the country with no limitations in terms of time and place. E-commerce emerged and is now common in Thailand. The value reached roughly 2.8 billion baht in 2017, 812,613 million baht from selling of goods and services (B2C). In 2018, B2C was anticipated to grow 17%, with the value reaching 949,122 million baht. Of this online business via social media was as high as 40%, whereas it was 35% by e-Marketplace, 25% through modern-trade online. K Bank and KKBS therefore join to organize KOS ON TOUR. The project is open for 50 KKU students and 20 people from outside who have experiences in selling goods online via Facebook, Instagram, LINE@ in order to enhance the online businesses and financial management. Interested people can apply now until February, 2019. The list of participants accepted will be announced on February 21, 2019 at: http://bit.ly/Website-KKBS, https://www.kku.ac.th/events/, Facebook.com/kkbskku and http://bit.ly/FB-SME. After program completion, the participants will be asked to write what their opinions are about the activities. Ten cool pieces of the writing will receive a prize and will be publicized on Facebook : K SME.

           Mr. Weerawat added that from studying problems of online traders, similar problems were found. The traders do not have knowledge of business management, of cost management, making balance sheet, marketing, making content. Online selling has become a supplementary occupation of the new generation who are also students. 90% of all newly graduates enter labor market. The 10% are those who want regular jobs. It is expected that online trading will be both the first and second occupation. It does not need much fund. Only having goods to sell is enough to start the business and the social media are also free like: Facebook, Instagram, LINE@

           Mr. Weerawat said at the end that the bank has a policy to concretely promote knowledge of online trading and to expand opportunities for online traders all over the country. Khon Kaen University is the first university the bank chose to start KOS ON TOUR because KKU‘s reputation is at the national level. A lot of students are interested to run online business. The main participants will be KKU students. There are also some seats for people outside. K Bank hopes that participants will be able to run their business successfully, especially their online trading.


News/ Photos: Waranyu Donnua


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