KKU's Architecture hosts merit making rite on its 31st anniversary

Faculty of Architecture hosts merit making rite on its 31st anniversary at the faculty's multi-purpose hall.
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14 ก.พ. 2562    กรรณภัสร์ สิริเกียรติ

On February 13, 2019, Faculty of Architecture hosted a cerebration for its 31st anniversary at the faculty’s multi-purpose building.

KKU’s faculty of architecture was established following the royal approval ratified on February 13, 1988. This year the faculty has operated for 31 years.  In order to invite auspice to the faculty and raise the spirit of the current personnel comprising of the teachers, the supporting staff and the students, the faculty hosts a merit making ceremony.  The rite held by the faculty is a way to help preserve Thai tradition.

Different rites were performed in the ceremony during that day.  Starting at 08.30-10.00 am, a group of  architectural folks wandered around to pay homage to and ask for forgiveness and blessing from different sacred shrines stretching across KKU including, Prapootchinarat at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Chaopomodindang shrine, and the shrine of the faculty. The group returned to the faculty and continued merit making rite that involved offering food to 9 monks, listening the chanting and making donation. In the afternoon, the faculty had a big cleaning day activity to clean up the areas around the campus.


Photos : Siriwoot Rothom and Jakarin Ngerntong

News: Gannapas Sirikiart


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