Social Literacy (for fresh graduates and current students)

Social Literacy (for fresh graduates and current students)

Society or human society is the coexistence of human beings characterized by many interrelationships such as occupation, age, sex, religion, status, residence, etc.

For a social system that includes living things other than humans, the term ecology may be used to refer to the relationship of living things to the environment.

Human society is formed by a group of people who have things in common in any area such as countries, provinces, and others, and they often have their own cultures or traditions, including their own language, recreational activities, and food in each society.

The integration of human beings allows humans to create and develop things to be successful. It might not be possible if you had to do it alone.

At the same time, a developing society or a society that is developing into a predominantly urban one in which most people live in big cities, and which uses a lot of technology to support its work, can affect its population in ways that people are unable to adapt to changing social conditions and develop a feeling of isolation or a feeling of inclusion in society (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

The social development approach is the direction and likely trend on the path to confronting and resolving a given problem with desirable outcomes, based on underlying conceptual principles involved in each theory, philosophy, and concept.  It is about finding a possible way to focus the application of the approach and process to see what are the important issues by analyzing how to define the important issues which, after they have been integrated, it will be possible to answer the question, “How to achieve the goal?” or not. The purpose is to define the most effective social development process.

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