PR News Writing Training for U2T Coordinators held by Khon Kaen University’s Faculty of Agriculture and Communication Affairs Division

6 July 2021, 9:00 am

The online training, “Writing News for Public Relations,” targeted U2T project coordinators with the hope of strengthening knowledge relevant to messaging and publicizing activities under the project. The event was organized by Asst. Prof. Dr. Arunee Promkhambut, U2T leader at Khon Kaen’s Ban Thaen District in Chonnabot, and Mr. Chumporn Para, Director of KKU’s Communication Affairs Division. Mrs. Wadchara Noichompoo, public relations specialist, was the main trainer, and she was supported by Miss Jiraporn Pratomchai, a KKU publicist. There were 35 participants.

The field of public relations involves intentional management of the image and reputation of relevant public organizations and groups. The dissemination of messages and coordination of other activities are carefully planned to create understanding, acceptance, and a positive attitude toward the organization. This creates collaboration and support for the group’s mission and work, helping to meet their goals.

Mrs. Wadchara said that even without graduating directly in the field of news writing, one can write professional news stories as long as they learn proper news writing principles and techniques. She therefore believes that those working under the U2T project will be able to write quality stories that will help to disseminate information, as well as coordinating other PR activities.

Mr. Sakda Sayasone, a U2T project worker who attended the training, said that his participation at the event had helped him gain knowledge and learn good techniques for writing PR news. He believes that applying these techniques will help to create knowledge and a full understanding among readers.

Finally, the project would like to thank Mr. Chumporn, Mrs. Wadchara, and Miss Jiraporn for their hard work in organizing the training in order to spread knowledge among the participants. Aside from strengthening news writing skills among U2T coordinators, reinforcing their capacity to report on their work and project activities, the training was a personnel development opportunity for youth and created potential human resources for the news writing industry. The project truly hopes that the training was beneficial and that participants can apply what they learned, developing and building on the knowledge they gained in order to write useful news relevant to the U2T Project.


News: Miss Onpriya Kriangsri, Miss Waraphon Sawasnatee, workers at Ban Thaen District, Chonnabot District, Khon Kaen

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