KKU joins EGAT to disseminate engineering innovations for the environment in 2022

December 2, 2021 – Khon Kaen University by the Faculty of Engineering joined the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand to hold the 2021 Isan Electricity Wisdom Day and ENKKU – EGAT Open House under the theme: 2S with 2E (Smart & Sustainable Solution with Green Energy & Emerging Technology), an event under the academic collaboration between the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand and Khon Kaen University. Khun Phollasri Suwisit-asa, the Vice Governor for Electricity Generation of EGAT presided over the opening ceremony. Khun Kasem Pitsatayang, Director of Nam Pong Generation Plant made a reporting speech. Assoc. Prof. Rachapon Santiwarakorn, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Engineering welcomed the guests. The event was arranged with an aim to open up a chance for lecturers, staff, students, and officers from EGAT to exchange their knowledge in energy. The event was organized at the Faculty of Engineering Library, Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University, both on site and online.

Assoc. Prof. Rachapon Santiwarakorn, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University explained that the innovation that answers the social problems at present is related to digital technology in medicine – which will help solve the public health problems and provide more medical equipment – and AI technologies, robots, SMART FARM, agricultural industry, green energy, alternative energy that can replace other energy types while reducing costs. All of these will also tackle the global warming problem.

“The innovation developed by Khon Kaen University to solve social problems and the people’s quality of life is the EV motorcycle that uses green energy and low carbon. At present we have 12 of them already in use. There are also other innovations such as automatic robots or AI that can help in Smart Farm. This is a small-sized thinker that can take care of crop growing and lessening the burden of farmers while the cost is low and the productivity is high.”

Assoc. Prof. Rachapon added, “Researchers and academics should join the private sector to change the world, using their knowledge in administering works. The teaching workload may not be enough. They should enter the site to join the public in solving problems. This will lead to sustainable solution for the environment. EGAT is our close friend who has been under long-term MOU with us, for over 16 years. The Faculty of Engineering has been developing our staff members, research team and technologies that help answering EGAT’s problems such as drought, water management, dust in Nam Pong Generation Plant, and development of alternative energy in order to sustainably improve the environment. The event today will deal with smart tackling of the problems and the use of green energy with newly emerged technology.”

Khun Phollasri Suwisit-asa, the Vice Governor for Electricity Generation of EGAT said, “From the tendency and energy transition, the change of electricity industrial structure, advancement of technology, and the behavior of electricity consumers, there are impacts arising to the production and management of electrical power. These, together with the spread of COVID-19, lead to impacts on the business and lifestyles of people all over the world. The energy contexts have changed. The policy towards Carbon Neutrality as far as electrical power is concerned is the important basis in economic propulsion. Transformation has become necessary through introduction of innovations, creativity, and modern technologies in the operations. These are the background of the event today and we expect that the benefits will be on the energy circle and the natural environment.”

The event featured many interesting special talks such as “EGAT Carbon Neutrality”, “Directions of Research with EGAT”, “Directions for Research and Innovations for National Development of the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, there were presentations of works from Nam Pong Generation Plant on the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Solar Energy, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in EGAT System, EDL Power Transmission System 2021. Lastly, there were ENKKU – EGAT Open House activities by 3 divisions of EGAT where presentations were made on the research mission and research queries, which led to understanding of the problems and solutions for the problems encountered.

Reported by Khun Kasem Pitsatayang, Director of Nam Pong Generation Plant


News / Photos: Jiraporn Prathomchai

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