KKU joins Sci See It in commercial tech transfer from research work

Tuesday December 21, 2021 – Khon Kaen University met the press to release news about technology transfer of the research work, an intellectual property that can be extended commercially. The work is joint-invested with SCISEEIT CO. LTD. Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of the University led the press release event, with Prof. Arunrat Chaweerat, Ph.D., a senior researcher from the Faculty of Sciences, KKU and the SCISEEIT research team leader, Khun Sanit Kaewduangdee, General Manager of the Company. The two parties signed the contract for tech transfer on this occasion, at Sarasin Room, Sirikunakorn Building, Khon Kaen University.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of the University welcomed the press and attendants and related about the aims of the work. “Khon Kaen University is joining SCISEEIT CO. LTD in this project. Our team of researchers, personnel and the University administrators are determined to carry out good and quality research work so that the outcomes and innovations can benefit the commercial sector and lead to true impacts that will create incomes, reduce imports of goods from abroad, upgrade the consumer goods that are certified by research work, making them accepted and known widely both in the country and internationally. The product brand and SCISEEIT research team is derived from the words ‘science’ in English and ‘see it’ in Thai, which means the red-orange color of bricks and the color of Khon Kaen University. SCISEEIT is therefore the name that conveys the meaning of Khon Kaen University.”

The President went on to explain about the investment with SCISEEIT CO., LTD. “The products that resulted from research and development of innovations from the extracts from plants in Thailand can be put into real use. The knowledgeable researchers and personnel of KKU have researched until the outcomes are direct to the needs of the target group and thus there has been the registration of patent for protection of the intellectual property. This was before Khon Kaen University transferred the technology to the Company to sell the products under the brand SCISEEIT. The brand is also commercially protected so that the business is appropriately strong to reduce risks from violations, or imitations.”

“Khon Kaen University administrators see the efficiency of the products from trials. The business plan that the research team and the company presented is an important step for the University to promote the research work until the outcomes reach the commercial level. This is more than creating profits, but is upgrading the values of the plants in Isan. KKU therefore decided to invest 20% with SCISEEIT Company from the total investment cost of 2 million baht.”

Prof. Arunrat Chaweerat, Ph.D., a senior researcher from the Faculty of Sciences, and the leader of SCISEEIT researchers related about the important step towards SciSeeIt. “The SCISEEIT research team is a small research team but the researchers are all well qualified. All have performed a lot of research in many forms. The research work that led to the products started from the bronze award from the Thailand Research Expo 2020, which received interest and support from the University until SCISEEIT emerged. Now, our research team is still determined and willing to produce research works and innovations for the company to manufacture quality products for the society, according to the intention and policy of KKU.”

Khun Sanit Kaewduangdee, General Manager of SCISEEIT CO., LTD. explained about the tech transfer from Khon Kaen University for business development. “SCISEEIT is a company that holds the principle of being a medium in bringing the innovation from KKU towards full commercial purposes and in increasing the potential of products by means of marketing. Therefore we selected products that are based on quality research work so that the consumers will receive the benefits because of the reliable source. That is how we increase industrial values for farm products and enhance competitive competence in business. SCISEEIT products are developed from plants. At present we have 6 products under our brand: NAT HAIR SHAMPOO, NAT HAIR SERUM, NAT HAIR TREATMENT, NAT OleA, NAT Amy, and NAT One C. All of these products have been registered and bear the FD numbers. All through the one year the company has been established, our products have received more interests from consumers, making us see the business growth from them. We intend to develop more research work in order to create more innovations for the society. In the future, the Company will be an open area for other products of other research teams from KKU so that they can enter the commercial market as well.”

After the press release, the research team and SCISEEIT Company signed the contract for technology transfer. The company has received licensed to produce and sell the products above. In addition, at the press conference, there are booths that exhibited the products with stories shown about the background of the research that led to success.

News: Yuthida Chosungnoen

Photos: Jiraporn Prathomchai


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