KKU President chairs the 1st meeting of the Covid-19 Vaccination Administrative Committee, 2022 – getting prepared to protect staff and students during the 5th pandemic

January 6, 2021 at 13:30 p.m. – Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University presided over the first meeting of 2022 of the Covid-19 Vaccination Administrative Committee at Sirikunakorn Room 5, Office of the President of Khon Kaen University. The committee members attending the meeting included: Assoc. Prof. Kriengkrai Kitcharoen, Ph.D., Vice President for Human Resources; Asst. Prof. Arwut Yimtae, Vice President for Infrastructure and Environment; Assoc. Prof. Piansak Pakdee, Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relation; Asst. Prof. Denpong Soodphakdee, Ph.D., Vice President for Digital; Asst. Prof. Somphong Sithiprom,Ph.D., Assistant to the President for University Security; Ajarn Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit, Assistant to the President for Special Affairs; Khun Sunipa Swaingoen, Director of the Office of the President. The other members attended the meeting online.

Implementation report and recommendations were made by each of the responsible teams at the meeting. Assoc. Prof. Songsak Kiatchusakul, M.D., Director of Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University reported on the overall situation and the operations of the Committee.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University made a conclusion of the meeting as follows: “There were important issues discussed at the meeting. One was the assessment of the work. Now, we are entering the 5th phase of the pandemic, and there are well over 200 patients in Khon Kaen, making us one among the first ten of the country with the highest number of contracted patients. There are clusters in Muang District and other districts. More than 100 students tested positive for Covid-19, and most contracted the disease from outside restaurants. We discussed at the meeting the plan to have more cases admitted at hospitals. The policy is to have the patients with no severe symptoms or the green and yellow patient group to stay at their home (home isolation or community isolation), and to have those with severe symptoms or the orange and red patient group to be admitted in hospitals. We went on to discuss if there are a lot more staff and students contracting the disease, what should we do? We talked about having more dormitories for accommodating patients and screening out those who do not have the disease, for the assigned dormitories: No. 26, 20 and 17 are not enough. The next issue is to vaccinate about 3,000 more staff and students who are due for the second and the third shots. This will be arranged on campus on January 16-18, for 3 days. We found that there are a number of personnel who still do not understand and still wait for a call from Mor Prom. Now, the Ministry of Public Health has changed from having to wait 6 months after the last vaccination to only 3 months. Therefore, I want to ask the staff who had the second shot 3 months ago to receive the third shot at the place open by the province or at the university. There was another issue on screening or ATK test. KKU has 10,000 test kits in hand and will order 10,000 more. We will sample-test the people in the risk group. Asst. Prof. Denpong Soodphakdee, Ph.D., Vice President for Digital, will take the responsibility and cooperate with PCU of Srinagarind Hospital and use the risk-screening form to screen personnel and students. If anyone is found having the risks, then we will proceed to have ATK test performed with that person so that he or she will receive treatment in time.”

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