Architecture students, KKU, join the community to design school landscape for small children

Tuesday December 27, 2022 – Ban Pet Sub-district Municipality and the Urban and Regional Planning Program of the Faculty of Architecture, Khon Kaen University, cooperated in carrying out a project for integration of classroom knowledge for academic service in the locality. The event organized featured a contest on “Design and Improvement of the Landscape of Ban Pet Municipality School”. Asst. Prof. Krittapat Thapalabutr, Ph.D. from the faculty was the project leader. Joining as the chairmen of the contest were the Mayor, Mr. Chatchawan Thherapanu and Mr. Chatchawan Chammanee, Director of Ben Pet Municipality School, who made announcement of the contest results and gave the prizes to winners of different levels. The event took place at Ben Pet Municipality School, Khon Kaen.

Asst. Prof. Krittapat Thapalabutr, Ph.D., a lecturer from the Faculty of Architecture, Khon Kaen University said that the objective of this project was to integrate the program with community development in the real area, which is also the objective of Khon Kaen University to bring research and academic works to support the community. Another purpose was to make students care about the community. This is the University’s required trait of students. The contest was on the design and improvement of physiological perspectives of Ban Pet Municipal School. The results of the contest will be used in the strategic planning of Ban Pet Sub-district Municipality for construction in the future. The event also built participation among school personnel and the network for future school development.

There will be presentation of the design works on December 9, 2023 at the Multipurpose Building (Sim), Faculty of Architecture. The committee had selected 3 pieces of work to exhibit at Ban Pet Municipality School for 2 weeks for pupils and parents as well as teachers and Ban Pet people to help in judging the Popular Vote Prize. The work should meet the objective of the Project in building participation between the networks for school development. The results of the contest are as follows:

Winner: 3TJP Team, comprising 4th and 5th year students majoring in Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture. The prizes were a trophy, a certificate and 30,000 baht cash. This team included:

Miss Pimchanok Snguansak

Mr. Poptorn Kittipreeya
Mr. Warakorn Khotanan

Mr. Jiramate Phrueksawan
Mr. Poramate Khwanta

First Runner-up winners: Ma Pa Lep Gel Team, comprising 4th year students majoring in Architecture, who were awarded a trophy, a certificate and 20,000 baht cash. The team members were:

Miss Pornnicha Sugiyama

Miss Nathamon Pokintanakit

Miss Panrudee Thongpap

Mr. Kanatip Kliamuangpit

Mr. Wasin Kitpongprapan

Second Runner-up winners: Le Sae Ra Tui Team of 4th year students majoring in Architecture. The team was awarded a trophy, a certificate and 10,000 baht cash. The members of the team were:

Miss Panipal Kawdilok

Miss Rujipa Petking

Miss Sipawan Buakhen

Mr. Tanakorn Moonpom
Mr. Panuwat Pilarat


There were 3 teams awarded the honorable mention prizes and received a certificate and 5,000 baht cash each: Oxygen Space Team comprising architects in Khon Kaen, Kid D Team comprising architects from Bangkok, and Khaw Jee 89 Team from Manasarakham University.

The Popular vote prize was awarded to Ma Pa Lep Gel Team, who received a certificate of appreciation.

News: Asst. Prof. Krittapat Thapalabutr, Ph.D.

Photos: Asst. Prof. Krittapat Thapalabutr, Ph.D. and Jakkarin Ngernthong

Edited and distributed: Kannapat Sirikiat


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