Office of Academic Service runs 2nd workshop on making cricket rice noodle (kanom Jeen), a field art project for sustainable occupation building

January 19, 2023 – Office of Academic Service of Khon Kaen University organized the 2nd workshop on making cricket rice noodle. The workshop was under the Rice Paddy Art Project that aimed at integrated and sustainable occupation building. It was held at Ku Thong Sub-district Administrative Organization, Chiang Yuen District, Maha Sarakham. The workshop trained the participants in making dried cricket rice noodle and cooking concentrated curry sauce. Guest trainers were Dr. Teerawee Dissayachaipong or Chef Jaguar from San and Sai Restaurant and Dr. Pongpan Satthathip from the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy of Khon Kaen University. Participants were 40 housewives, entrepreneurs and community people.

Mrs. Dawan Thasa, President of Ku Thong Sub-district Administrative Organization welcomed the trainers and participants and said, “This workshop is the continuation of the first workshop where we made cricket rice noodle and 5 types of curry sauces. This workshop is extending the first workshop by training participants to make dried cricket rice noodle and concentrated curry sauce. The purpose is to sell these products in packages. Trainees can go back to make the noodle and the sauce as their occupation. TAO will take responsibility in marketing, both online and onsite at the area adjacent to TAO.”

Dr. Teerawee Dissayachaipong or Chef Jaguar explained about the technique in making the products. “Making dried rice noodle is different from making fresh rice noodle. Dried rice noodle contains cassava starch and chick pea flour as the ingredients. These make the noodle viscous. The fresh noodle, on the contrary, contains a lot of rice flour. I recommend that for selling, you should place the pot, the noodle and vegetables that go with the dish for customers to see. Public relation posters should also be posted in the community.”

After the training, two people were interested to open a shop to sell the products: Mrs. Phuak Thongjapo, from 48, Village No. 16, Ku Thong Sub-district and Mrs. Sa-ad Khotseewong from 78, Village No. 12, Ku Thong Sub-district, Chiang Yuen District, Maha Sarakham.

News / Photos: Social Service Center, Office of Academic Service, Khon Kaen University

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