Office of Academic Services, KKU, joins Buengnium Sub-district Municipality, introducing them how to build content to promote community product sale

Thailand is at present entering the digital society, resulting in necessity to improve the competitive competency to meet with the economic change. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to adjust themselves and prepare for the change. Occupational innovation creation is the key answer to build competitive advantages. The Office of Academic Services of Khon Kaen University thus held the activity to create an occupational group that manufactures Champion Curry Puff of Buengnium Sub-district Municipality, Khon Kaen.

Tuesday May 30, 2023 – Ajarn Bunyarit Sombatlai, President of the Faculty of Education Alumni Association, as the trainer of the project, explained that the activity that promoted occupation group to manufacture Champion Curry Puff is a project under the Project to Create Products and Upgrade Local Wisdom with the digital innovations. The training lasted 4 days. On the first day, May 22, 2023, the trainees were divided into small groups to practice building a network for developing learning, health and hygiene, cleanliness, methods, and manufacturing processes of products. The second day was for developing and creating brands, packaging and logos. The third day (May 30) was to discover good items of the community and create relationship within the network as well as building contents for presentation. The last day will be searching of selling channels through social media and building product identity.
The activity performed with the community enabled the Office to realize that most problems of the community products are that there exist the products, but the products lack innovation and modern concepts. Universities can intervene by stimulating the community to build new concept in the product forms and packaging.

Ajarn Bunyarit continued, “The outstanding point of the community is that they are able to make the products, but are not able to communicate the outcomes. The process today is to urge them to know that their products are outstanding.

We provided examples for them such as: Chaingrai Japan Kheereewong, etc. Then they were asked to write down what their community had that were outstanding. They were able to present everything, including the magnificent banyan tree, Wang Matcha, Wat That Songkhon, the biggest Gimju organic guava orchard that yields fruit all through the year, and very delicious curry puff. All of these emerged from the creative thinking of the community. If they are able to add stories to their products, then they will be able to add values to the products and build advantages in selling.”

Mrs. Prapassorn Daojanthuek, Chairperson of the Occupational Group that produces Champion Curry Puff of Buengnium Sub-district Municipality, Muang District, Khon Kaen, said that the activity today was fun. She obtained knowledge, skills and now is able to build stories for the goods. There are many products of the community. Besides the curry puff, there are: pickled fish, fermented fish paste with herbs, dried fish, etc. They would continue to discuss the knowledge obtained today to improve the products, making them high quality and well known in the market.

The activity to create the occupation group that produces Champion Curry Puff is the activity under the Project to Create Products and Upgrade Local Wisdom with the digital innovations. It is the collaboration between the Office of Academic Services of Khon Kaen University and Buengnium Sub-district Municipality, Muang District, Khon Kaen. The Office carries out this project in accordance with the strategy of Khon Kaen University in transforming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards Creative Share Value (CSV).

News: Rawiporn Saisaenthong


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