KKU is ranked the first of Thailand by THE Impact Rankings 2023 for the SDG in ‘zero hunger’ and ‘quality education’, and the 97th of the world for sustainable development goals

Times Higher Education (THE), one of the world’s best and well accepted university ranking institution just announced the 2023 world university ranking based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or THE Impact Rankings of 2023. There were 65 Thai universities (52 last year) from 1,591 universities and institutions all over the world that have been ranked by THE this year. Four Thai universities were ranked among the Top 100 in the overall score categories. Overall, Khon Kaen University came the 97th of the world.

This means KKU climbed up the Impact Rankings 2023 – Times Higher Education (THE) to the 97th place of the world. More importantly, KKU is the first of Thailand in SDG 2 – ZERO HUNGER and SDG 4 – QUALITY EDUCATION.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University said, “I thank all staff members of Khon Kaen University for your dedication and work until we are placed in the first 100 universities of the world for the first time. We are placed as No.1 of the country for SDG 2 – Zero Hunger (Attaining Food Security, Upgrading Nutrition, and Promoting Sustainable Agriculture), and SDG 4 – Quality Education, which we also came the 33rd of the world.”

Asst. Prof. Tala Thammaroj, M.D., Vice President for Administration revealed that Times Higher Education is accepted by universities all over the world. Times Higher Education surveys all potential universities in the world for the ranking. Khon Kaen University must have been the first university in Thailand that submitted the works under 11 SDGs from 17 SDGs. Our outstanding points are in SDGs 1-5, with SDGs 2 and 4 being ranked the first of Thailand.

For SDGs 2 – Zero Hunger, Khon Kaen University is the first of Thailand and the 9th of the world. This achievement has been fulfilled from the objectives and missions of KKU to solve the poverty problems of the people in the Northeast where many people are in needy conditions and are in shortage of food resources. Khon Kaen University has carried out many projects to mitigate the poverty and lack of food supply by entering the area as well as by conducting research to come up with solutions to the problems. This is the policy of the University and we have all along improved the operations so that the poverty of people can be lessened.

For SDG 4 – Quality Education, KKU is ranked the first in Thailand and the 33rd of the world. It is the strategy of the President to work on Education Transformation, in which the teaching paradigm is transformed to learning paradigm. All students are being given the chance for learning, where resources are open with high quality and creativity. In this regard, many scholarships are offered to students.

In addition, when we look at the overall picture, we will see that Khon Kaen University has the strengths in SDGs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, for we are among the first 100 universities of the world.

Every year, Khon Kaen University submits the works for THE Impact Rankings. This is not easy. The works must be compiled from staff members, lecturers and students who have been working hardly  in the areas. The works have not been done in short periods, but all of the works have been accumulated and continuous for 60 years. We are outstanding in our works for the community. In the future, KKU will be working in other aspects, which we hope to strengthen them more, such as SDG 6 (ascertaining water supply and hygiene for all), SDG 9 (building long-lasting infrastructures, promoting sustainable industries and innovations, SDG 10 (reduction of inequality in the country and internationally, SDG 11 (making the city and human settlement safe, immunized and sustainable, SCG 12 (securing sustainable production and consumption). We are going to compile works and make everything under good systems to strengthen all aspects set by UN. Then KKU will be truly sustainable and will be the university that always supports the community


News: Jiraporn Prathomchai




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