KKU Transformation: Arming students with digital skill and professional AI usage

The trend of Generative AI has brought about the digital war causing giant technology companies to speed up internal development to answer people’s AI usage requirements. At the same time, the employment market also needs skillful people or people with expertise in the use of these new devices so that the work would be fast and efficient. This is why Khon Kaen University is now deploying Digital Transformation in order to become a university of technology.

Asst. Prof. Denpong Soodphakdee, Ph.D., Vice President for Digital explained that the principle policy of Khon Kaen University is for all students to be exposed to the University’s digital system. This is possible from the day the students applied to enter the University online, where the enrolment system is 100% digital. Once they are KKU students, they are in the environment of the future, which is full of national and international digital technologies.

At present, Generative AI is an important issue that cannot be overlooked nor avoided. It is not only Chat GPT application, but other applications or programs also contain AI as one function that is used all over the world. However, Generative AI is still a new thing; therefore, development of programs particularly related to AI may not be viable, for the content is still not enough for a course. We therefore rely on provision of the latest digital Lab Windows that contains AI, or Adobe for producing instructional media.

At the same time, Khon Kaen University also proceeds to train students to use Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Slide, and Canva Pro that have AI, so that every student is exposed to these technologies as much as possible. In other words, we are equipping KKU students with the tools for their future occupations.
In addition, there are the e-Learning system and other instruments to respond to students’ work, especially the email system that can be used all through one’s life and the 40 GB space for storing Google Drive info, 1,000 GB and One Drive 1 TB for storing data.
“What is more important than having AI tools is to be cognizant of the beginning of the important change of Generative AI era. This can be both positive and negative. Therefore, Khon Kaen University has incorporated this in the course where lecturers are able to instruct students. At the same time, the Library is an area where students can obtain assistance in AI usage.”

Asst. Prof. Denpong Soodphakdee, Ph.D., Vice President for Digital added that librarians of Khon Kaen University Library have added to their role as a Prompt Librarian, who can assist students in communicating with AI in parallel with training them with other stuff. This is directed towards final-year students who will soon graduate and should be exposed to these technologies before they enter the employment market where the skills are required.
“AI does not replace human, but AI replaces the work human does. Khon Kaen University therefore arms students with AI technologies and skill. They are not only users, but they are cognizant and are able to check the source and accuracy of information from AI. They also have to understand that the information fed to AI can leak. Therefore, students should be able to use AI accurately and smart enough to understand it.”
The Digital Vice President then finalized that what students can extend from AI is to add their creative ideas to solve existing problems and to add new things. Khon Kaen University is a University with creativity and development for the society. Therefore, KKU graduates must always be creative, which means not only creative in terms of art but creative in their profession.

News: Panit Khatanak




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