KKU trains farmers on sustainable use of bio-products to control plant diseases and add values to national farm products

August 27, 2023 – Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University ran a project on “Knowing plant diseases and use of bio-products for correct and safe disease control”. Assoc. Prof. Darunee Jotishyangkoon, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University presided over the opening session and gave the opening speech. Asst. Prof. Anan Wogjaroen, Ph.D., and Assoc. Prof. Petcharat Thammabenjapon, Ph.D., were the two keynote speakers. Over 60 farmers and officers from the governmental and private sectors involved in producing crop produces and seeds, both in the form of safe farming and organic farming attended, including people who were interested. The training was organized at Taengkwa Room, Horticulture Lecture Building, Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University.

This project, “Knowing plant diseases and use of bio-products for correct and safe disease control” was aimed at training the trainees to know about plant diseases and causes of seed diseases, to train them in inspecting and diagnosing plant diseases, to understand the principle of accurate management of the diseases, to learn about innovations and technology of bio-products for controlling plant diseases and insects, to learn about the correct and use of bio-chemicals and microorganisms for utmost benefits, and to train in accurately expanding microorganisms from bio-products, which would lead to sustainable agriculture.

Assoc. Prof. Darunee Jotishyangkoon, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University said that this project is an activity to celebrate the foundation of Khon Kaen University and Faculty of Agriculture, or the 60th Anniversary.
“It is known that Isan is the source of cultivar production for export. It is very important that the cultivars exported are free of diseases. Therefore, knowing plant diseases and use of bio-products to correctly and safely control the diseases is vital for the national industry. At the same time, we see that farmers use chemicals for disease control. This has deteriorated natural conditions. Thus, knowledge about bio-products is very important, for it will lead to safety of users, consumers, and is environmental friendly.”

“Before using bio-products to control plant diseases, we must know which disease it is. The training today will enable participants to identify the diseases and causes of diseases, how to manage them. We hope that participants will be able to use bio-products to control the problem. Besides, production of high-value agricultural products is another big issue of Khon Kaen. Therefore, the training today will be part of the provincial strategic enhancement.”

Assoc. Prof. Petcharat Thammabenjapon, Ph.D. said that he hoped the trainees today would become a village plant doctor who possesses knowledge about different plant enemies, including diseases, pests, or weeds. In addition, the trainees would be able to note and differentiate normal plants from plants with diseases and identify the main problem correctly as well as knowing how to protect, eradicate or treat the diseased plants according to academic principles.

“The activity comprises lectures on important contents and training. There are exhibitions and exchanges of knowledge about plant and seed diseases, plant disease control, accurate and safe use of chemicals, control plant diseases by means of bio-method and use of bio-products to control pests. We hope that the knowledge will enable the farmers to rely on themselves when it comes to plant enemy management and to be able to help farmers living near them. This will lead to more profits from production and improved environment of the land.”


Bio-products are used to protect plants from diseases and eradicate pests. They are produced from living things but not an extract from a living organism such as Pyrethroid, Nicotine or Abamectin. Bio-products are safe for man, animals and environment. There is no toxic residue after use, and is specific to plant enemies. Some type can stand in the environment and can be used in the field with the same method as chemicals. But they are not able to destroy diseases and pests as much as chemicals. This is because microorganisms are living things with specificity to types of pests and diseases. Therefore, they can destroy only some pests and diseases only. There are also other factors that affect efficient use such as the technique of use, the time of use, weather, temperature, moisture, sunlight, and storage of each type of microorganism or bio-product.

This project, “Knowing plant diseases and use of bio-products for correct and safe disease control” is the collaboration between the seed production plot inspection project of the Plant Disease Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Office of National Science and Technology Development. The project was scheduled on August 26-27, 2023, with over 120 participants.
News: Rawiporn Saisaenthong



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