Faculty of Law, KKU, organizes “RestauLaw”, an event to raise understanding of law and internationalize entrepreneurship

The Faculty of Law, Khon Kaen University and CEA Khon Kaen organized an academic service activity, “ReatauLaw” to disseminate knowledge about law for restaurant entrepreneurs and internationalize entrepreneurship.

January 25-26, 2024 – The Faculty of Law, Khon Kaen University and the Creative Economy Association (CEA) Khon Kaen, organized an academic service activity, “ReatauLaw”, about creative law for restaurant entrepreneurs, at Thailand Creative Design Center (TCDC Khon Kaen). Attendants comprised over 50 restaurant entrepreneurs in Khon Kaen and the vicinity. Ajarn Thaenrat Khunngoen, Assistant to the Dean for International Affairs and Social Activities presided over the opening ceremony and related about the objectives of the event. “RestauLaw, or an academic service activity of the Faculty is one dimension in the use of law for creative development. It is one of the topmost raw materials for creating social innovations and lessening economic injustice for entrepreneurs by providing knowledge related to law for business application. The Faculty of Law, in this regard, is disseminating law-related knowledge for Future Lawyers and for everyone to becoe a lawyer (Law For All).”



The activities were run by trainers who shared their knowledge and experiences in restaurant business in the following topics:
On January 25: Khun Chudaree Thepakham, a winner of 2024 MICHELIN Young Chef Award, presented a talk on “New Gen Chef and World Care Concept”; Khun Surasak Jaroenjan (Chef Benz) gave a talk on, “Experience Sharing on the 2 Stars MICHELIN Restaurants”; and Khun Somyot Buengchaiphum, Sales Director from Gourmet One Food Service (Thailand), gave a talk on,“Efficient Stock Management of Restaurant Raw Materials”. The talks were true inspirations for the attendants who later shared their experiences in restaurant business.



The next session was on knowledge and skill for entrepreneurs in reducing food wastes under the topic: “ESG and Waste in Food Business” by Khun Totsapon Supameteekulwat, CEO, CirPlas Tech Co, Ltd.; and law knowledge related to patents and trademarks under the topic: “Digital Content Risk & Branding Protection” by Ajarn Thaenrat Khunngoen, Assistant to the Dean for International Affairs and Social Activities, Faculty of Law.




The last session was on business opportunities for entrepreneurs under the GREEN Cocktail concept. Entrepreneurs who attended the activity presented their local raw materials and the materials imported from abroad as cooking ingredients. The session opened up a chance for restaurant entrepreneurs to share their experiences. The activity was also a learning venue for law students who can apply the knowledge in the future occupation. Joining in this activity were: Khun Seksan Sripraiwan, Director of Thailand Tourism Authority, Khon Kaen; Khun Pimporn Jamraspan; Khun Bunyarit Panitrungruang, Khon Kaen Vice Mayor; Khun Suwipa Wannasaton, Director for Innovation and Research, Mitrpon; Khun Polchai Pipitworakul, Vice Chairman of Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce; and Dr. Parichat Butrwong, Vice Dean for Planning, Education Quality Development and Sustainability.

On January 26, 2024: Khun Nichakan Patanapeeradech, Marketing Manager of Ton Tan Market, gave a talk on “The Next Restaurant: Looking at New-Era Shop Strategy”. Khun Wokrom Techateerawat, a member of the SMEs and MMEs Promotion Committee gave a talk on “Locating Capital Source from the Government Sector for Business Extension”.





The next session was the workshop on Legal Service under the topic, “Restaurant Contract” by Ajarn Yos Nakhaket and lecturers of the Faculty of Law. On this occasion, the Faculty has drafted a standard contract for restaurant entrepreneurs to be used in entering different contracts.
Finally, the Faculty of Law thanked CEA Khon Kaen, TCDC Khon Kaen, and all sectors that contributed to this event, including the entrepreneurs who participated in the activities. The Faculty is dedicated to organizing academic services that assist the society in different aspects and to being a part in driving the society towards sustainability. The Faculty is determined to work for all sectors in the society, under the concept: Law For All.


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