Top news of Khon Kaen University in 2019

In 2019, Khon Kaen University has attempted to move toward to be globally recognized as “the university of research and development.” Under the 3 strategic plans involving people or stakeholders, ecological aspect, and spiritual aspect, all administrators, lecturers, staff, and students have dedicated to achieve the goals. Their dedication is conveyed through the university news that KKU people are proud of and gains much attention from the press. Widely recognized by people nationwide, Khon Kaen University is determined to continue the good work enthusiastically.  

People or stakeholders of KKU

  1. KKU succeeds in inventing cannabis extract suppository for patients who can’t take oral medications


  1. KKU unveils a drone, the most accurate AI in Thailand for sweetness measurement in sugarcane plantation


    3. KKU allies with “Kerry Express” to give students logistics experience


  1. KKU 3Low Chicken research reaps TSRI’s excellent award


  1. Start-up developers extend KKU research work on traffic system


  1. KKU opens a prototype house producing organic waste eating insect


KKU’s ecological aspect 

    7. KKU staff learn “Sufficiency Economy” philosophy for their life balance


  1. KKU crafts students’ startups and hosts Innovation Playground 2019

  1. KKU encourages AR students to create Green Building as environment is the first priority


  1. A special talk on Digital Organization encouraging staff to contribute to transformation


  1. KKU, with awareness of global warming, joins in planting 1,000 trees and proceeds with the low-carbon organization mission


  1. KKU supports students’ education and recreation with E-sport


  1. KKU’s OKRs training aimed for excellence


KKU’s spiritual aspect

  1. KKU’s Medical and Public Sciences enter higher world rank


  1. KKU students join in “Long Khaek” and learn the community wisdom heritage15.มข.พานศ.“ลงแขก


  1. KKU launches SMC: an excellent medical care service center


  1. KKU’s conclusion of the magnificent “Sithan KKU Festival 2019 – Boon Somma Bucha Nak”


  1. Minister of Education approves KKU Smart Learning aimed to reduce educational gap


  1. KKU and Japan attempt to transform Thailand’s education with AI for Thai teachers and students


  1. KKU holds the 3rd Social Responsibilities – to upgrade Isan people’s quality of life – a lot of people attend


  1. Royal-patronage cremation for Luang Pho Koon, with the traditional slaying ritual of Hasdeeling bird


  1. News release for 2019 Khon Kaen International Marathon


  1. Architecture students draw pictures of crane to promote OTOP and local tourism


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