The administrators of KKU attend International Conference Virtual Forum on Covid-19

The administrators of Khon Kaen University led by Vice President for Research and Academic Services , Vice President for Education, Vice President for Innovation and Enterprise together with Assistant to the President for Research and Academic Services, Assistant to President for Special Affairs, Assistant to the President for International Affairs and acting director of International […]

KKU modifies the Academic Calendar for the Academic year 2019-2020 – Reveals the instructional measures through the COVID-19 Crisis

     Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 situation, the government has announced the emergency decree, together with Khon Kaen province has announced the temporarily closed the institute for 28 days (official date counting), starts from March 18- April 30, 2020. Regarding the mentioned above, it could affect the original academic calendar of Khon Kaen […]

The President of KKU inform additional measure for Covid-19 in short-long term – Begging Students & People around to Self-quarantine for Country

On the pandemic of the New Coronavirus (Covid-19), Khon Kaen University (KKU) has announced five preventive measures to encounter the New Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.  Each issue is related to government‘s measures and has the identical objectives: 1) slowdown of virus spread to reduce the loss 2) the spread of Covid-19 situation controlling, including Khon Kaen […]

KKU Researchers Create Sanitizer Tunnel – Give to hospitals in Khon Kaen

According to the pandemic of the New Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Thailand, there are continuously increasing of infectious people. As Khon Kaen University (KKU) is the leading knowledge institute in academic and research University, our lectures, staff, and students are promptly supporting this situation to decrease the pandemic of this disease. Thus, they cooperate project to […]

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