KKU enhances “Ecological” policy with ERP to lead the organization to the full-cycle digital system

Khon Kaen University has introduced the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) digital technology system, or a new information system in the whole organizational administration. The system is applied, with the visions of the organization’s leaders and the cooperation of members, in order to create new working cultures that will facilitate as well as develop the working […]

The KKU “new normal” – Ready to adjust to digital workflow

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all organizations need to develop their administration and adjust themselves to the “new normal”. On May 29, 2020, KKU Library, Khon Kaen University, together with the KKU Administrators’ Network, held the “2nd Virtual Forum: Challenges and Opportunities of KKU Workforce to Support KKU through COVID-19” online. This event was honored […]

KKU Adjusts to Covid-19 Crisis – the 1st Digital ID & Document University

“Starting on 17 April  KKU Adjusts to Covid-19 Crisis – the 1st Digital ID & Document University”  According to the COVID-19 preventives measures, state that avoid or reduce object contacting such as submitting and receiving documents is necessary. Especially the institute that contains the vital documents, and use as a tool for driving the organization, […]

The administrators of KKU attend International Conference Virtual Forum on Covid-19

The administrators of Khon Kaen University led by Vice President for Research and Academic Services , Vice President for Education, Vice President for Innovation and Enterprise together with Assistant to the President for Research and Academic Services, Assistant to President for Special Affairs, Assistant to the President for International Affairs and acting director of International […]

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