Academic Service Bureau seeks advice from Advisor to Inspector General of Office of Prime Minister

May 6, 2021 in the morning – Assoc. Prof. Chuchat Kamollert, Ph.D., DVM., Director of the Academic Service Bureau and staff met with Mr. Chalee Pongnumkul, an Advisor to an Inspector General of the Office of the Prime Minister and the 4th Regional Energy Consumer Committee members, Khon Kaen at Maneethewa Room, 6th Floor, Bimala Galakicha Building, Khon Kaen University. The Director of the Academic Service Bureau and staff were seeking advice from the delegation for appropriate approaches to make request for supporting budget related to energy.

Assoc. Prof. Chuchat Kamollert, DVM. said, “The Academic Service Bureau has a mission to coordinate with different sectors for integration of knowledge and resources, both inside and outside the University, in order to provide academic services to the communities in the Northeast of Thailand and ASEAN countries. This year the Bureau has been assigned to implement the U2T Project – the project to upgrade the economic level at the sub-district level, however, with limited budget.”

Mr. Chalee Pongnumkul, an Advisor to an Inspector General of the Office of the Prime Minister suggested, “The Academic Service Bureau may suggest the communities to cluster in a group of 7 people in order to be able to make a request for the budget from the Energy Conservation Division. They have an amount of 70,000 million bath in the funding. The budget allocation is made twice yearly, the first being from January thru June and the second being from July thru December. The steps to be taken are: 1) grouping 7 farmers together and make a request at the Local Administrative Organization to act as the ADMIN and ask for the User and Password from the funding via the INTERNET; 2) submitting another set of copies of the required documents to the Energy Funding Committee of Khon Kaen. The document can be submitted to Khon Kaen Energy Office, 5th Floor, the City Hall under the condition that the group receiving the fund must open a common bank account with their own money for maintenance of equipment at 5% of the total budget to be allocated.”

The Advisor to Inspector General added, “Schools can submit a project for Solar Roof-top panels. This will be allocated based on the amount of the electricity consumption per month and the tendency of future consumption. Khon Kaen has been allocated 730 million baht for the Occupation Skill Project under the Empowering Thailand Project and Fight against Covid-19, from the total national budget of 45,000 million baht.”

The meeting ended with Assoc. Prof. Chuchat Kamollert, DVM. presenting a token of appreciation to Mr. Chalee Pongnumkul and group photographing.

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