U2T Project, Faculty of Agriculture trains on “Amazing alternative plants – Cannabis and Hemp”

Thursday October 28, 2021 – Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University organized a workshop on “Amazing alternative plants – Cannabis and Hemp”. This workshop is under the Integrated Sub-district Socio-Economic Upgrading Project (University to Sub-districts) at Ban Fang Sub-district, Ban Fang District, Khon Kaen. Asst. Prof. Mallika Srisutham, Ajarn Pornthip Phontusaeng, Ph.D., and their team are the Ban Fang U2T Project responsible people. This workshop was honored to have Asst. Prof. Chanon Lapjit, Ph.D., an expert in cannabis research for medical and industrial purpose and a lecturer of the Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Khon Kaen University, as the key speaker. The workshop was run by Zoom and was aimed at giving knowledge related to laws governing the manufacturing of products from cannabis and hemps for medical purpose and the benefits from value adding of the cannabis and hemp products.

The training was organized at two places, in order to take precautions against the spread of Covid-19, at the meeting room of Ban Fang Municipality and the Village pavilion, Village No. 9, Ban Fang Sub-district, Ban Fang District, Khon Kaen. The project was well cooperated by community and village leaders in public relations and coordination. Over 30 people attended the workshop, which provided knowledge to those interested in cannabis and hemp. The training topics included: 1) the difference between cannabis and hemp and their health benefits; 2) manufacturing cannabis and hemp into different products, for instance, chewing gum, tea, coffee, skin care products / supplementary foods, ointment, balm, or clothes; 3) request for authorization for growing cannabis and hemp; 4) utilizing cannabis and hemp for medical purposes both in human and animal; 5) the system for growing cannabis and hemp; 6) advantages and drawbacks of plantation system of each plant; 7) steps in breeding cannabis and hemp seeds; 8) distinguishing cannabis and hemp genders; 9) use of fertilizers and how to harvest cannabis and hemp; and 10) extracting cannabis and hemp oils. All of the topics are of great interest among people in Ban Fang community. The final session was questions and answers, where the trainers and participants exchanged knowledge and ideas.

News: Ajarn Pornthip Phontusaeng, Ph.D.

Photos: U2T team of Ban Fang Sub-district, Ban Fang District, Khon Kaen


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