KKU concludes the 2020 EdPEx Evaluation results

December 28, 2021 – The Internal EdPEx Education Performance Evaluation for Institutions of 2020 made a conclusion of the evaluation performed of Khon Kaen University. Prof. Snguansin Rattanalert, M.D., a senior professor of the Medical Institute, Mae Fa Luang University, Chiangrai, presided over the conclusion reporting event with his team including: Asst. Prof. Panasan Kohsuwan, Ph.D., a member of the Sub-Committee for National Quality Awards and an evaluator for the National Quality Awards; the General Manager of GI Holding Co. Ltd.; Assoc. Prof. Karanrat Sunthornpan, M.D., Assistant to the President for Quality Development of Prince of Songkhla University; Assoc. Prof. Wanida Kaen-akat, Ph.D., a professor of the Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University; Assoc. Prof. Kiattichai Phugsri, Ph.D., Assistant to the Dean for Planning and Quality Development, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University. Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University joined with other administrators to listen to the 2020 EdPEx Evaluation results.

Prof. Snguansin Rattanalert, M.D., a senior professor of the Medical Institute, Mae Fa Luang University, Chiangrai, the Chairman of the Evaluation Committee concluded that the presentation today was the overall picture of the results. After the committee had read the content in the report, the committee found the power, the cooperation, and the operation of Khon Kaen University as well as the intention of the University Council.

“From our visits to the various faculties, we saw the intention to develop the University. There are so many good things and the outcomes the University has performed both in research and innovation, together with the outcomes from the dedication to the community. We wanted to see the work that is focused on being the regional intellectual center. We wanted to know how Isan is valuable to the country and to the world society. This could be done by using the advantage from the geographical location and the key competencies of the organization that will lead the University to becoming a center of knowledge that integrates local wisdom and the academic advances for developing the Northeast.”

“There are many good performances of Khon Kaen University. We would like to see more development and the University becoming the Gateway to the Northeast, the landmark of regional intellects that connects to the world as a part of local perspectives. We have carried out work that received TQC prize, so the next step to reach is TQC Plus. We have talked about this and believe that if the University compiles, analyzes, and develops the implementation in innovation management until you attain an effective system, then we are certain that you will be awarded in terms of development that will lead to TQC Plus Innovation.”

“Finally, I’d like to thank the President and Khon Kaen University personnel for the opportunities, learning experiences that the evaluating committee has also acquired. The learning of the implementation of each institution depends on the principles and concepts which are different. This enabled us to see the usefulness of the use of concepts that lead to concrete development,” said Prof. Snguansin.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University said, “The two days that the Committee conducted the interview must be very tiring, for you needed to analyze and collect information for the most part. As far as I can see, reading all these reports are time consuming and exhausting. The committee even gave us a chance to add more information and exchange opinions. Your working with us is under a friendly atmosphere. You gave recommendations that show different perspectives and they are the perspectives of people who are full of experiences. On Khon Kaen University’s part, we receive a lot of benefits from the committee’s reflections.”

“Your suggestions are good reflections that we can further analyze and translate into concrete guidelines for what we are going to do next. The principle things that you recommended us make us see what to do, by adjusting the criteria and strategies, for example, the location of the University. This is a very important issue and should be the opportunity of Khon Kaen University in the future to think of something bigger, rather than looking at the University as a regional university. We can see further towards the Me Kong Sub-region and can build more impacts to the region and the neighboring countries.”

“Thanks are extended to Vice Presidents and Deans. I understand that all faculties now use EdPEx as your administrative guidelines. All faculties have carried out this to the fullest extent. Thanks all of the faculties that compiled the work, and the Vice Presidents who are responsible for different strategies and help propelling the work under the responsibilities. Again, I’m grateful to the committee for your time and attempts to present useful indications for us that are all very important,” KKU President said.

The 2020 EdPEx Evaluation was done on Devember 26-28, 2021. On December 27, 2020 there was a session of presentation of the whole picture of Khon Kaen University to the Committee, after which the Committee members visited different faculties.

The EdPEx Evaluation has been conducted continuously for many years since the University Council agreed to use the EdPEx criteria for the institution and the faculty levels. Khon Kaen University has always brought the strengths and opportunities to improve the operations of the University.

This year, Khon Kaen University is scored 409 points by the EdPEx Evaluation Committee, which is the highest the University has ever received.


News: Rawiporn Saisaenthong

Photos: Atthapong Hampong


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