KKU Library stands out at a National stage, with the key mission of being the Learning Center for ALL

Khon Kaen University Library is awarded the honorable mention prize from the presentation of KKUL Learning Programs of modern library that leads to life-long learning. The work was presented by Mrs. Yupaporn Thongnoi and the committee members for the learning program development of KKU Library. The honorable mention award is under the category of presentation under the Organizational Management (OM) group given at the 12th PULINET Online National Conference – PULINET 2022 “New Generation Libraries: Toward House of Access”, held on January 5-7, 2022 and hosted by the Library of Mae Jo University and PULINET. The national conference was aimed at promoting exchanges of knowledge among the university libraries. This year, the event was organized online, with 79 works entered for presentation.

Khon Kaen University submitted two projects this year:

1. KKUL Learning Program by Mrs. Yupaporn Thongnoi and the committee members for the learning program development of Khon Kaen University Library. This program will enable life-long learning. The project entered the competition under the presentation category of Organizational Management (OM). The full version can be checked out at: http://pulinet2022.pulinet.org/…/2021…/pulinet27-OM1.pdf

2. Efficiency Increase for Marketing Communication by Line Official Account Using the 5W1H Theory by Miss Arkrima Sommmat, Miss Nitiya Sriworadetpaisan, and Mr. Teerayut Banchon. The work was under the presentation category of Information Services (IS). The full version can be obtained from: http://pulinet2022.pulinet.org/…/202…/pulinet1210-IS.pdf

Assoc. Prof. Suwat Seenawat, Ph.D., Director of Khon Kaen University Library was among the judge committee for the presentation group of Organizational Management (OM) at the 12th PULINET on Thursday 6, 2020, from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

News / Photos: Arkrima Sommat



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