More educational chances through the “KKU Teacher Camp for the Locals” – a camp for training teachers who are returning to work in their hometown

January 5-8, 2023 – Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University organized the “KKU Teacher Camp for the Locals”. The training was aimed at selecting students to receive scholarship granting under the “4th Scholarship Project for Teachers to Return to Their Hometown”. The scholarships are supplemented by the Equitable Education Fund”. Selected students will continue their education in the field of Pre-School and Primary Education. Assoc. Prof. Issara Kanjak, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Strategies and Organization Development presided over the camp opening ceremony. Asst. Prof. Danita Duangwilai, Ph.D., Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty for Education and Learning Skill Development delivered the reporting speech. Assoc. Prof. Jarunee Chamat, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Education and Quality Development welcomed the experts from the Equitable Education Fund (EEF). The Funding Foundation was led by Assoc. Prof. Daranee Uthairatanakit, Ph.D., Chairman of the Teacher Development System for Schools in Remote Areas, who joined as an observer.

The Department of Pre-School and Primary Education, Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University, is a teacher training institute that prepares teachers by selecting students under the Education Equity Funding. These students are from schools in remote areas who are not able to afford higher education, but love to become teachers. The students selected and granted the scholarships are studying at the Department under the “Scholarship Project for Teachers to Return to Their Hometown”. The project is the collaboration of 6 organizations: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Office of the Primary Education Commission, Office of the Teacher officers and Educators, the Teachers Council, and Equitable Education Fund (EEF). The objective is to provide chances for young students to train to be the new-generation teachers who will be recruited and work as teachers in the community school in their hometown.


The “KKU Teacher Camp for the Locals” selected 62 students from the target groups in 8 provinces, 30 sub-districts. They participated in the camp and joined the activities that prepare them to become teachers. The activities included writing lesson plans, learning about children psychology, performing teaching practices, and observing real classrooms at kindergarten and primary levels at Kindergarten Section and Primary Education Section of the Demonstration School of Khon Kaen University. KKU lecturers and upper classmates helped as mentors, and built inspiration among the students so that they understand the roles of teachers of kindergarten kids and young graders. These students were then selected to receive the scholarship from the Equitable Education Fund (the 4th Scholarship Project for Teachers to Return to Their Hometown) to continue their education in the Pre-School and Primary Education Program and obtain clearer goals for themselves when they complete the education and return to teach in the school in their hometown.


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