KKU’s Research Project on Mo Lam and Creative Economy transfers cultural performance innovations and innovators to entrepreneurs aiming at building jobs and incomes for locality from cultural capital

February 22, 2023 – Researchers and experts from the Research Project on Ma Lam and Creative Economy, which is aimed at studying the changes in innovation and entrepreneurship of culture in the virtual society, organized an event to transfer the creative works on innovations of cultural performances and innovator development of Mo Lam to local Mo Lam groups in the area. This event received budget support from the Local Management Unit for Development Funds, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. The event was cooperated by Isan Nakhon Silp Mo Lam Group that was the latest group founded in 2022. The said Mo Lam group offered the chance for the Research Project to transfer the knowledge and joined in developing innovation and experimenting of the developed innovation in the real situation.




Asst. Prof. Sirisak Laojankham, Ph.D., a lecturer of the College of Local Administration and Head of the Research Project on Mo Lam and Creative Economy explained that the researchers and experts from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts have collaborated with a group of Mo Lam artists and entrepreneurs to set the concept for performances, development of Isan music, development and design of the singing and dancing that retain the cultural foundation of indigenous Isan style. The performance set developed is entitled, “Boon”. It reflects the tradition of ordination, which, in Isan, people believe the tradition as a great “Boon”. Children are likely to ordain as recompense to their mother and father.

Ajarn Arthit Krajangsri and Ajarn Preeyaporn Patchanee, who are in the research and expert team from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts further explained about the design of this set of cultural performance on Mo Lam stage:

Boon is a young boy from Isan. He and his friends moved to work in Bangkok to earn money for their families back home. Every year, the group makes Pha Pa merit to raise funds for developing the temple and the community at home. This year, the event is being special as Boon reaches 25 years of age. According to the tradition, this is the right age for ordination. Therefore, he is intending to return home to ordain. The performance is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: Returning Home (Home Missing)

  • At the textile factory, Boon and his friends are working for the last day and preparing Pha Pa for taking it home. His boss who loves Boon as his child joins in making merit. Then all are traveling home.
  • Preparation of Pha Pa Merit Making and Ordaining Event. Boon’s mother and father are the hosts. Boon and friends arrive with a lot of goodies and things from Bangkok for their relatives.

Part 2: Khwan Nak (Sacred Prayer)

  • Ordination Ceremony – “Khwan” is floating in the air at the venue

Part 3: Procession of Nak (Fun)

  • The procession of Nak and Pha Pa moves to the temple, with drums and floating vehicles. Everyone is enjoying and having fun harmoniously. Boon is now ordained as a monk while everyone is full of joy and happiness.

The performance has been developed with collaboration from researchers, experts, Mo Lam artists and entrepreneurs. The experts from the University transferred knowledge and innovations through analysis of the form of performance that is accurate and in accordance with the local belief and lifestyle. The performance has also been applied to be Mo Lam performance, with the design of musical transferred to the musicians of the band. The attires have also been appropriately designed to match the performance context. The movement and expression techniques have been elaborately designed. Mo Lam artists and the cast have joined in reflecting the concept from their accumulated experiences, making the performance set just right and suit their skills in communication with the audience. The entrepreneurs also added concept and the overall aim of the performance, making it worth the investment and marketing communication. In addition, the research team and experts have promoted the artists of the group to become “innovators” through expansion of new knowledge and techniques from the University. In fact, most of the artists: Mo Lam artists, actors and actresses, musicians and designers of attires, are already knowledgeable and capable as performers.

The design and transfer of innovation of indigenous performance on Mo Lam Stage included development of innovators and this is the key indicator of the Research Project. Besides, the Project has developed the database of Cultural Map to link the data as the supply chain along with development of platform of Mo Lam Metaverse in order to add to the learning channel and access of Mo Lam by people in the digital world. This research project is the collaboration of work of lecturers from many faculties in Khon Kaen University, namely, the College of Local Administration, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, and Faculty of Education, all of which hold the intention to upgrade Ma Lam as the creative economy that will build jobs, incomes and root economy from the local capital. This is the important role of Khon Kaen University in social and community dedication.

News: Jitladda Saenta


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