KKU scientists trains youths on things around them, with hope to incubate new-gen scientists

June 24-25, 2023 – Faculty of Sciences, Khon Kaen University, organized a workshop for 97 high school students and their teachers from Prakhonchaipittayakom School, Buriram Province. The first workshop, organized at Sc. 8204, 8205, featured Physics topics, namely, force and force unification, measuring resistance by Wheatstone Bridge, and simple pendulum. At Sc. 8606, 8608, and 8806, Sc. 08 Building, a workshop in chemistry was held on the topics: Basic Chemistry Laboratory, Study and Experiment on Functional Groups of Organic Matters, and Finding Aluminum Content in the Sample of Soda Cans. The third workshop on Biology workshop was held at Sc. 8321, Sc. 08 Building on the topic of Nutrients.

In addition, another workshop in Microbiology was held on the topics of Microbiological Sterilization Technique and Staining Bacteria and Microscopic Study, at Sc. 7109, Sc. 07 Building. The Bio-chemistry field organized the workshop on the topics of Amino Acid Analysis by Paper Chromatography Technique, Protein Extraction from plants and Animal Tissues, and Protein Form and Size Analysis by Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Polyacrylamide Gel (SDS-PAGE), and Dialysis, which is the technique used for separating minute particles with different sizes from one another through permeable membrane. These topics were trained at Sc. 7326 and 7329, Sc. 07 Building.

At the workshops, students were able to study how to dialyze sample matters containing albumen and glucose and follow up the experimental results through Benedict’s Test and Biuret Test, which enabled them to know which dialysis technique could separate the particles of albumen and glucose in the sample matters.
The training was aimed at instilling the knowledge of sciences that involves things around us in the student trainees. All students could seek these objects and now, after training, they will be able to apply scientific knowledge for their own benefits.

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