KKU organizes Generative AI Workshop, training staff to create personal assistant for digital-age learning

Khon Kaen University opens a workshop for staff to create their own personal assistant using Generative AI, for a new paradigm of learning process.
December 21, 2023 – Khon Kaen University organized a big workshop for staff to study and apply Generative AI to create a personal assistant that can support them with a new form of learning process. Over 50 lecturers, staff members and students attended this workshop at Room 1301, 3rd Floor, KKU Library.

Assoc. Prof. Supat Seenawat, Ph.D., Director of Khon Kaen University Library said that the goal of this project is based on Khon Kaen University’s vision to become a world-class leading research university. The Library therefore invited lecturers and experts both in the university and outside to design a workshop program that develops a new learning program, which will in turn support full-cycle learning process for users at all levels, i.e., students, staff, lecturers and people in Khon Kaen and even in the Me Kong Sub-region so that they are able to use the necessary skills for the 21st Century efficiently.

Assoc. Prof. Kanda Saikaew, Ph.D., Deputy Director of KKU Library for Digital Technology and Innovation added that this workshop used Generative AI tools such as Chat GPT, Bard, Bing, Alisa, to support staff to create their personal assistant that helps them in new learning process. The workshop trained the participants how to use the program, categorize types of usage that suit their needs. Generative AI at present is composed of: Chat GPT – developed by OpenAI, Bard – developed by Google, Bing – developed by Microsoft, and Alisa – developed by Glory Forever PCL. They enable complete learning experiences, are fast, up to date, time-saving, and train users the skills necessary for the 21st Century.
“This Workshop does not only prepare students and personnel to use Generative AI, but it also offers a good chance to integrate modern technology with the learning process for developing necessary skills for the 21st Century.”

Mrs. Phanit Khatnak, a Public Relation Officer of the Communications Division, one of the trainees, said that the workshop is challenging and of multiple aspects. It enabled her to acquire knowledge and skills in the use of Generative AI, which is of great benefits. She obtained profound understanding in the new learning process. The workshop was also a good chance for building network and share experiences with other participants from other faculties and departments. She now intends to bring the knowledge and skill to improve herself and her organization.
News: Written by Chat GPT and Bing

Edited by Jiraporn Pratomchai





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