Faculty of Architecture, KKU, opens 24-hr space for students to read and prepare for exam, with free snacks!

The Student Development Section of the Faculty of Architecture, Khon Kaen University, under the mission of reading promotion and preparation for Academic Year 2023 examination, provides a place for students to read and work all through the day, with free beverages and snacks to keep the students working without feeling hungry over the night as there are no food and beverage shops open at that time. The reading space opens for the students on March 11 and 18, 2024.

Ajarn Arkapon Lamuang, Assistant to the Dean for Student Development, Alumni Relation and Organization Communications explained that this project emerged from the Covid situation when the students got used to work and read their books at the dormitory. The Faculty then wanted to create a warm atmosphere for the students and also for the Faculty to become lively again. Therefore, the students are invited to come to the Faculty to prepare for their examination during the examination period. Snacks, food and beverages are provided free of charge, by asking for donation from the alumni and staff. This idea was from the Dean, who said “Students are like lecturers’ children. We must take good care of them.”

For the security measures, the Faculty already has the security team that patrols both in front and at the back of the Faculty all through the night. During the examination period, many students are working in the studio. So lights are turned on all over the place, making the Faculty area look safe. Since the project was announced online, there have been positive responses. Students of every class come to have their meal and snacks provided by supporters. They also take responsibility over the cleanliness of the place.

There will be dinner provided again on March 18, 2024 at 19:00 p.m. Thanks to the supporters who are the lecturers, staff and alumni. The Faculty administrators plan to extend the project with more activities that will build good relationship among people in the Faculty. Alumni and networks from everywhere are also asked to contribute to the project and activities. It is hoped that the Faculty will receive cooperation from everyone. The Faculty will public-relate what is going on in due course.

Those wanting to support the Faculty’s activities or donate money for the next meals, please contact Khun Kornkoon Prapanpot at Tel. 092 854 4796.


News: Kannapat Sirikiat


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