Khon Kaen University Library Receives High Praise from US Academics

Khon Kaen University Library, under the leadership of Associate Professor Dr. Supat Sinawat, Director of the Library, and his administrative team, hosted a distinguished group of 20 academics and administrators from the International Academic Partnership Thailand (IAPP Thailand) on April 23, 2024. The visitors, hailing from top-tier U.S. institutions such as Duke University, Tufts University, Purdue University, Colorado State University, and the University of Memphis, were given an extensive tour and introduction to the library’s innovative services.

During their visit, Associate Professor Dr. Supat outlined the library’s transformation into a comprehensive Learning Center for All. He showcased several pioneering initiatives, including metaverse-based learning experiences, lifelong learning programs, the development of the KKUL production house, and the establishment of an AI clinic aimed at providing advice and training in the application of generative AI for research, learning, and daily life.
These services, among the first of their kind in Thailand, garnered substantial acclaim from the visiting academics. Professor Boyko Gyurov from Georgia Gwinnett College, USA, was particularly impressed, remarking, “It is an amazing library, probably the best I have ever seen around the world. Great job accommodating students and nourishing the AI and multimedia world.”

Visitors also praised the library’s vision of becoming a learning center for all, as well as its diverse and accommodating learning environments that align with the needs of a modern educational society. The feedback highlights KKU Library’s commitment to innovation and its role as a pioneer in redefining library services in Thailand.




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