A Thai student makes it to final 60 for best Thai language users

A KKU Thai major student enters final 60 as the best Thai language users in a national, semi final round contest.

Mr. Torpong Chue-Oon, a sophomore Thai major student and one of the three representatives of Khon Kaen Cultural Center, pass the final 60 round in a national screen for the excellent Thai language user. The Thai language camp to be held from June,19-21, will entitle 15 teenagers as the national best Thai language users.

Torpong convinced the judges via his portfolio that articulates for his accumulative experience on an excellent use of the Central Thai and the Northeastern, Isaan, dialect for the preservation and publication of Isaan culture.

The piece of experience that stands Torpong out from other candidates is the winner award on a four-dialectal lullaby. The award was held to commemorate the National Mother’s Day in 2018 hosted by The Institute of Research for Languages and Cultures of Asia, Mahidol University. This royal granted award from Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsavali was presented to Torpong on August 2, 2018 at Mahidol University.

Torpong said that Isaan dialect is the native tongue for most of the people in the northeast. The pronunciation of Isaan dialect is diversified by regions, each is characterized by different tonal system. It is important to pronounce clearly to really preserve the dialectal origins.

Inspired by the Thai linguistics and the Morlam literature lessons, Torpong learns how to sing an Isaan lullaby with special lyrics and rhythm. He pays close attention to the pronunciation, the tone, and the meaning embedded in the lullaby which is originated from his hometown of Nongbualumphu province.

Based on an analysis of the lyrics, Isaan lullaby is characterized by the use of the very old Isaan dialect. The training of the lullaby went under instruction of an expert of Isaan language, Ajan Wandee Polthongsatit, better known as Morlam Udomsil, who was entitled as the Isaan Artist in 2016. Ajan Wandee is an invited expert to teach Isaan lullaby to the art students in KKU. Torpong skill on Isaan lullaby singing is implanted also from the instruction of an expert Morlam singer, Samon Pornsawan, who helps Torpong sharpen his style and expressing of emotion embedded in the song.


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