Congratulations to Communication Affairs Division staff on the honorable awards 2019

Communication Affairs Division presents “Best Staff” award plaques to Mr. Chumporn Para, Mr. Boripat Tasee, and Ms. Worawiporn Saisantong; and gives “Valuable Staff” certificates to Mr. Udomchai Supannawong and Ms. Porntip Khejornsart

On September 23, 2019 at a meeting room in President Offices Building 2, Communication Affairs Division held award presenting ceremony 2019 to admire the best and valuable staff. It was an honor to have Mrs. Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit, Assistant to President for Special Affairs, presenting the award plaques; and Mr. Tanya Pakdee presented bouquets of flowers to the award receivers.

           Mr. Tanya Pakdee said, “The staff who receives the honorable awards 2019 were selected by their performance responding to the university’s missions in terms of effectiveness, working behavior, and implementation of KKU ethic policy. The objectives of this award are to honor, support, and raise morale of staff that show excellent performance and are role models. All award receivers were selected carefully and well-deserved to the awards.”

           Mrs. Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit said, “Congratulations to the award receivers. As a representative of administrators, I’m glad to work with Communication Affairs Division in the past 6 months and admire all staff. This award can raise morale of them, and I hope that Communication Affairs Division will keep up the good work as a KKU image presenter. To promote our good image, we need to start from ourselves because what we do can reflect the image of the university. I’d like to support everyone in doing their best to promote good aspects of the university to the society.”

The honorable award 2019 was divided into 2 categories: Award plaques for Best Staff were given to 3 receivers – Mr. Chumporn Para, Mr. Boripat Tasee, and Ms. Worawiporn Saisantong; and certificates for Valuable Staff were given to 2 receivers – Mr. Udomchai Supannawong and Ms. Porntip Khejornsart.

After the award presenting ceremony, all award receivers shared their working principles and feelings about receiving the honorable awards.

Mr. Chumporn Para said, “Tips for success is that no matter what your job or your position is, you need experience. All staff and I have gained experience through practice as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if the work is simple or complicated, big or small, just do it. Our experience will prepare us for the next tasks in the future. Let’s say, “Hard work never kills you.” Thank you.”

Mr. Boripat Tasee said, “I’m so honored to receive the Best Staff award. This is the first award that I received since I’ve worked at Communication Affairs Division of Khon Kaen University for almost a decade. My working principles are consistent with visions of KKU and ideology of Communication Affairs Division. I have to think carefully before doing something. This is what I have learned from administrators, lecturers, heads, and all senior staff. Moreover, I always discuss with colleagues and younger staff to exchange ideas and improve my performance. Thank you all administrators, director, and senior staff for giving me advice, and all younger staff who push inspire me to keep up the good work. Thank you.”

Ms. Worawiporn Saisantong said, “Best Staff award is the first award that I have received in my life. It is considered as a bonus beyond my expectation. In fact, it’s impossible to work alone, just like a chef. Although you can cook excellent food, if there’re no kitchen staff preparing raw materials, waiters or waitress with service mind, and good decoration, nobody knows how delicious your food is. I therefore consider this award as success for my surrounding people like colleagues and parents. Thank you the director, my colleagues, and head of the office who all contribute to good management that resulted in the success today. Thank you.”

Mr. Udomchai Supannawong said, “For 33 years of working at Khon Kaen University, excluding 4 years at the Faculty of Education, I’d like to talk about happiness instead of success. To young staff, please find your happiness and build a good relationship with other people. We have 3 kinds of happiness. First, it is basic happiness, that is, living self-sufficient life with our beloved family. Second, it is being accepted. Today our hard work has paid off. Third, it is being important. Challenging yourself of doing things will make you alert and active. You should always challenge yourself to see how well you can do when you exchange knowledge with others or to check if you can perform better than they do. When all 3 things mix together like primary colors, you’ll get new colors. Last, when anything happens, do not jump to conclusion. Please stay calm and get lessons from it with the help of our experience. Then we’ll live happily, and nothing can stop us from moving forward. Thank you.”

Ms. Porntip Khejornsart said, “Thank you all senior staff who always support and help me. Although Community Relations that I have worked for is not a big job, it can promote the image of Khon Kaen University very well. Thank you my colleagues and heads of the office for trusting me to handle important missions and having confidence in me.”

Performance effectiveness can result in working happily. The honorable awards giving to Communication Affairs Division staff came from their determination to pursue administrative strategy in the form of highly effective communication – that is, making the stakeholders realize of KKU’s good image, being reliable, and being accepted by internal and external organizations. The awards also have effects of staff’s morale. It is a sign of acceptance of the administrators, and that is important inspiration which push everyone to put more effort for better communication efficiency.

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