Superb Isan ideas! KKU students’ works at “Isan Crossing”

Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) organized the 2021 Isan Creative Festival under the concept: “Isan Crossing”. The Faculty of Architecture, KKU submitted students’ works for the exhibition at the Creative Design Center, Kangsadan Area, Khon Kaen.

The 2021 Isan Creative Festival under the concept: “Isan Crossing” is aimed at reflecting the integration of intellectual properties and cultures with creative design and innovation. The event is also a venue for exchanges of designs and building business networks for creators in Isan and other regions. The event also aims at instilling inspirations and motivations among youths, people in the community, and interested individuals.

Asst. Prof. Chanattha Jullatthian, Ph.D., A lecturer of the Design Department, Textile and Fashion Program of the Faculty of Architecture, Khon Kaen University explained that the faculty submitted the work of 2nd year students who are taking the courses: Living Textiles and 3rd year students taking the course Fashion Design Processes to the exhibition. Before the exhibition, the works of the students underwent critiques by Ajarn Natthanon Yodkaew, Ajarn Tanakrit Kaewpilarom who supervised the works during the last semester and Asst. Prof. Warin Bunyaputthipong, Ph.D., and Ajarn Chawanapon Nuamsawat.

“The works include hand-woven textiles with the students’ design pattern, both 4 takos and 8 takos. There are also over 20 pieces of Mad Mee fabric. For the fashion, there are 10 dresses from 5 sets. The students designed these from bringing themselves into Isan society, which includes both farming an urban living. The students interpreted what can be encountered in Isan, which may be the world of Internet, trading, surroundings, interactions, and put all these in their design.”

Asst. Prof. Chanattha said that besides exhibiting the students’ works, the students learn from real practice and can use this together with the former intellectual traits, leading to value adding to the products and in turn, solving local problems.

“In Isan, there are the wisdom and cultural heritages everywhere. This exhibition has brought about cooperation from many sectors and thus a network has been created for exchanging of different works at the exhibition. We can see ways to develop the area or solve the problems in the area from the work.”

“We know that creative industry can add values to Thai economy, which is assessed at over billion baht. Isan identity industries are Isan Entertainment Industry, Craft & Design Industry, and Isan Gastronomy Industry. All of these will bring what exist in the area to be value added. We have a lot of manufacturing bases. When we bring them together with creative ideas, values can be added, and therefore jobs, and good living will be brought to Isan people in the long run.”

The 2021 Isan Creative Festival is held from July 9 until August 15, 2021 at two places: 1) the economic area on Srichan Road and 2) the Creative Design Center, Kangsadan, Khon Kaen. Activities include transfer activities of design benefits, inspiration of ideas and skill development through 9 major activities: talks, forums, exchanges of experiences, exhibitions in the forms of: Pavilion, Installation, and Exhibition; workshops to transfer knowledge, ideas and skills by creators; music performance, movies and art performance; tourism promotion and local cultural learning; creative market; open stage for creative musicians and artists; shops and businesses in the area; and open-house of studio, galleries for people to join.

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