Dentistry Faculty promotes ‘Education for All’, building chances for students with good academic performance from poor families to study in the “Dentist Assistant Program”

Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University has been selected from the Education Equality Foundation to join the Project: “Advanced Occupation Innovation Scholarship”. The purpose is to support 30 school students from poor families to enroll in the Dentistry Assistant Program, a one-year program certified by the National Dentistry Council.

Assoc. Prof. Waranuch Pitipat, Ph.D., D.M.D., Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry explained that the Education Equality Foundation is a governmental organization under the responsibility of the Prime Minister and was established under the Education Equality Fund Act, 2018, which is aimed at building educational equality, assisting needy people, reducing gaps in education, and promoting and developing teachers’ quality and efficiency. The Government is assigned to allocate budget for the fund and administer the funding independently.

The Project: “Advanced Occupation Innovation Scholarship” gives scholarships without any binding condition for educational opportunities among families whose incomes are among the 20% at the bottom of the country. The children of these families are supported for programs in the fields needed by the job market. These children who are selected by the responsible institution will be granted scholarship that covers the tuition fee and monthly allowance. There will be the institutional development fund that supports the instruction activities, the students’ living and their welfare. When they complete the program they will be assisted in terms of employment. There are activities to be run that promote the qualities of the institution by providing experts in the country and from abroad. The Project also supports exchange of working innovations among the institutions and the work places.

Assoc. Prof. Waranuch Pitipat added, “This is another thing the Faculty is proud of, to be selected by the Education Equality Foundation to join this “Advanced Occupation Innovation Scholarship” Project that assists 30 school students from poor families to learn in the one-year program – Dentist Assistant Certificate. This program has been certified by the Dentistry Council. We would like to thank Asst. Prof Achirawut Supannaphesach, Ph.D., D.M.D., Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, the Project Head; Asst. Prof. Thaloengsak Samaksaman, D.M.D., Director of the Dentist Assistant School; and Dr. Tharnthip Thamrongwarangkoon, M.D., from the Sustainable Community Development Foundation for Good Quality of Life who had introduced us this Project.”

The Faculty of Dentistry sees the importance of education for all, and has dedicated the work and supported good projects that extend the opportunities for high school students who complete Grade 12 with good academic reports and are from poor families or being the underprivileged to be able to continue their education and have stable occupation in the future.

The Dentist Assistant School of the Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University opens for application for enrollment of the 23rd class, Academic Year 2022. Applicants must have completed Grade 12 or the equivalent in 2021 only. Requirements for enrollment include good academic performance, being from a poor family, and being underprivileged. The application is from February 8 to February 28, 2022, from Inbox. Applicants can leave their name and contact number on the Page.

If interested, please visit the website: Dentist Assistant School and the “Advanced Occupation Innovation Scholarship”.

News: Watchara Noichompoo


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