KKU presents an Honorary Doctorate Degree to Maechee Sansanee Sathirasut

March 30, 2022 – Khon Kaen University administrators led by Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of the University travelled to Sathirathammasathan, Bangkok to present an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Arts for the academic year 2021 to Maechee Sansanee Sathirasut. The occasion was meant also to pay respect to the revered nun’s body.

The presentation of an honorary doctorate degree to Maechee Sansanee Sathirasut is under the normal operations of Khon Kaen University in presenting such degree to individuals who are social benefactors. Each year, notable people are conferred honorary degree in different fields, including medicine, agriculture, politics, art and culture, or religion.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of the University explained that Khon Kaen University Council agreed to bestow an honorary doctorate degree in Arts to Nun Sansanee, and had informed her in wiring. The renowned nun answered back, accepting the degree bestowing and thanked Khon Kaen University in this regard. However, Maechee Sansanee said she had not been able to come for the degree conferral ceremony, and she would prefer Khon Kaen University to present the degree to her at her place when both she and the University found it convenient. As we know, Maechee passed away and the presentation could not be carried out to her. On March 30, 2022, Khon Kaen University delegation thus traveled to Sathirathammasathan, Bangkok, to pay respect to her and to present the degree to her.

“The presentation of this honorary doctorate degree is under the University’s mission to praise people who have dedicated and are benefactors to the society and the nation. It is also inspiration for others to follow the role model, to use the principles of life, the thought, the moral in the living. If everyone learns how to think and follow the preaches of Maechee Sansanee, one will see that Maechee wanted women to realize their own power and to be able to acquire dhamma, developing their soul just like men. In addition, Maechee Sansanee used Phra Arayatra MahaBhothisatava, a female version, to build inspiration among women so that they could develop themselves.”

“Maechee’s principle practices were similar to the role of Khon Kaen University in promotion of equality between men and women and equal rights. KKU has promoted religious activities, has established an art and cultural center, has constructed a Buddha Image and established the Willpower Institute on campus. We have been making merits and have carried out the project for Thai Youth Intellectual and Meditation, which was led by Luang Po Viriyang Sirintharo.”

KKU President continued, “Nowadays there are a lot of problems in Thai society. Moral and mental development is therefore very important. No matter how necessary the advances in innovations and technologies are, these might not be able to build happiness for everyone. In order for everyone to be happy, their mind must be developed. Therefore, the teaching and learning in KKU to prepare our graduates is not only directed towards technological and innovational development, but also mental development for the young generation,” said the President.

News Information / Photos: Bannaporn Bandit



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