Architecture student, with the belief in Naga legend, gets the first runner-up award at the Watch Graphic Design contest

Faculty of Architecture congratulates Parin Jaikhan, a 4th year student majoring in product design for receiving the first runner-up award and a prize of 10,000 baht from the Thai Microband Watch Design Contest, a graphic design project, which is a route towards a Microband business. The award was announced on May 27, 2022 at the Thailand Creative Design Center.

The work by Parin is the Naga design on the face of a watch under the name “Naga cave @ night”. This piece of work has been inspired by the contemporary design topic. Parin made use of Naga and the cave, a legend Thai people believe, on the watch face. The design is of a modern style and so the work has been awarded the first runner-up prize. The success this time is also because of Asst. Prof. Kham Jaturongkakul, Ph.D., the advisor, who gave suggestions that led to the achievement.

The “Thai Microbrand Watch Design Contest”, which has a business aim for Microbrand, tries to locate Thai designers and producers, who are enthusiastic about the science and art of watch design, and to promote the skill in designing watches. The end of the route will be the Microbrand business. The contest this time was under the topic, “Cool and Temporary Thai, a New International Trend”. There were over 400 workpieces submitted for the contest.

News: Kannaphat Sirikiat

Photos: Parin Jaikhan, TCDC


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