KKU is offering a new AI program to promote online marketing

No one can deny now that the world is heading towards a complete digital commerce. At present small businesses and big companies all sell their products through online platforms. This shows that AI technology has been continuously developed for marketing and for increasing sales, in order to correspond to the consumers’ behaviors. It is not surprising when someone says that only a thought of something makes it at once appear on his/her screen. This means that AI is indispensably hiding in all activities and all consumers’ behaviors. It is not exaggerating to say that a company with predominating marketing AI technology will beat its rivals in the digital world.

A first year student from the College of Computing, Khon Kaen University, majoring in information and artificial intelligence, Miss Natnarin Phonpraphruet, who has conducted an AI project for developing a company’s product introduction system revealed that she chose this program because she wants to use the knowledge with her family’s business, and the knowledge can be applied in other areas that she is interested in. This program is divided into the theoretical part and the practicum part.

“The product introduction application project was firstly inspired from the family business. The business was used as the development model.  For example, if a client orders ink for printing, rubber stamps, or a printer, AI will organize the algorithm of the purchasing history of the client, and thus will be able to introduce something similar. Besides, in continuing the studies at a graduate level, the program emphasizes multiple broad-based Learning, for students to connect things they have learned together and therefore will obtain in-depth understanding. This can be applied in all fields: medicine, business, accountancy, etc.”


“When I come to study in this program, I like it because the knowledge can be applied in many fields, not restricted only in any specific field. We can also learn in depth in all fields. For younger students who are interested in this program, you don’t have to worry about your computer background. If we do not stop to learn, we can study in the program. The program suits anyone who wants to develop himself and is ready to learn new things,” said Natnarin.

The advance of technology does not only propel economy but also education programs so that they are up to date. The AI program of the College of Computing of Khon Kaen University is therefore the field that will prepare graduates in AI for the world’s present demand.


Article: Jiraporn Prathomchai, a public relation officer, Communications Division, KKU and Miss Thanjira Phonsaenjan, a practicum student

Photos: Natthawut Jaruwong, a visual aid officer, Communications Division


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