KKU Geo-tech students inspire school students all over the country at the 2023 Geo Explosive Camp

Students from the Geo-technology Club, Faculty of Technology, Khon Kaen University opened, on February 10, 2023, the 2023 Geo Explosive Camp of the Academic Year 2022. Asst. Prof. Kiattisak Sornpirom, Head of the Department of Geo-Technology, Faculty of Technology, delivered the opening address and welcomed the participants at the event, which was attended by 30 high school students from over 20 provinces all over the country. The 2023 Geo Explosive Camp was organized at the Faculty of Technology, Khon Kaen University.
The 2023 Geo Explosive Camp of the Academic Year 2022 this year was held under the theme: “Geo-resources Transformative Understanding” or the transfer of knowledge towards geo-resource management. The objectives were to give knowledge to interested high school students, build professional perspective, and enhance bodies of knowledge in geology in order to incubate the future geologists of the country. Another objective was to provide opportunities for school students to learn about geo-technological science and fundamental geology including mineralogy, petrology, map, geomorphology, fossils, microscopic mineral study, and geo-engineering.

Asst. Prof. Kiattisak Sornpirom, Head of the Department of Geo-Technology revealed that this camp answers Strategy 1 in Education Transformation. Most of the students in the working team are 2nd and 3rd year students who also join the Geo-technology Club. The camp is also another learning space for them that transfers professional knowledge to the community and thus is another good way to return something to the society, for it leads to sustainable educational development. The students, at the same time, can bring the knowledge obtained to prepare their professional readiness in the future.
“Geology is the study about the components, structure, and natural processes as well as natural disasters that take place. It can be seen that geology has a lot of roles in the society and is being greatly interested at present. However, the society still lacks true knowledge and understanding of the role and duties of those in the geological profession. This has impact on the choice of school students for their studies in universities. Therefore, the Department of Geo-technology, Faculty of Technology, Khon Kaen University sees the importance in the lack of knowledge and understanding of this profession and the knowledge in geology and has supported the activities of the Club and this camping event.”

The 2023 Geo Explosive Camp of the Academic Year 2022 was held on February 10-12, 2023. On the 11th of February, a field trip was made to Phu Wiang National Park and Khon Kaen Geological Park. The participating students learned about the properties of sandstone of the Korat group, the dinosaurs excavation sites, ancient mollusk sites, topography, positioning of resources on the map, rock salt production at Ban Po Community. On the 12th of February, there was a group activity and discussion on geological resource management in the area for sustainable development.

The 2023 GEO Explosive Camp is grateful to the following supporters:
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited – principle monetary support for the activities
Head of Department of Geo-Technology, Khon Kaen University – budget support
True Stone Co. Ltd. – budget support
Thanwarachorn Foundation and Geo-Technology Alumni Club, KKU – budget support
Thailand Geo-Technological Association – budget support
Division of Fossil Protection, Department of Geo-Resources – geo-technological instructional media
Office of Ground Water Resource Area 4, Khon Kaen – drinking water
Double A (1991) Public Company Limited – paper and Covid-protection kits
Khon Ken Provincial Administrative Organization and Khon Kaen Geological Park – geo-technological instructional media, hats and souvenirs
Lactasoy Co. Ltd. – soy milk and educational materials
News / Photos: Dr. Wimonthip Singhthuan


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