Smart KKU students showcase their prototype innovations, ready to be high-potential startup businesses

July 25, 2023 – Thailand National Innovation Association (Public Organization) held the Startup Thailand League 2023: Demo Day, where over 100 prototype products were exhibited. Khon Kaen University by the Science Park led 3 teams of students to join the event along with students from 48 network universities all over Thailand who came with their works. The event was held at Grand Hall Rooms 2-3, True Digital Park West Building.

Dr. Kritpaka Boonfuang, Director of the National Innovation Association (Public Organization) (NIA) said, “DEMO Day is another stage that provides opportunities to university students to join and exhibit their creative works, works from their new ideas, works that answer social needs, all of which are ready to be developed as a real business and make the students become the country’s new economic warriors, when their works have been approved in terms of business plans from qualified committee. There are 260 teams entering the competition, each receiving monetary support from NIA at an amount of 25,000 baht. The 100 innovations exhibited today have been developed from the teams of students all over the country who have been incubated in terms of their ideas, concepts and business plans from the Startup Thailand League 2023 Project. The 100 business plans of these teams have been approved by the qualified committee from 260 teams that entered the competition.”

Three teams of Khon Kaen University students were awarded the support and exhibited their works on this occasion, as follows:
1. Team 3S, with their work entitled: Ecof Film (food preservation film made from natural materials that can resist bacteria and preserve food for a longer period). Ecof Films can be used to preserve food sold in supermarket. The film prolongs the shelf life of the food, makes the food look fresh, and resists bacteria that can cause alimentary tract disease. The materials used principally contain natural polymer that is environmental friendly and can decompose naturally. The film therefore makes use and adds value to natural materials and is cheaper than those sold in the market. The team students are in their second year, Faculty of Sciences, KKU: 1) Miss Kittiya Plaeyaw, 2) Miss Ratchaneekorn Khampaengta, and 3) Mr. Worapon Yangyuen.
2. Khluen Ngao, Sao Puat Lang Team, with their work called: Hydrocare wound patches from the research work on materials for medical applications: Hydrogels. One pack of Hydrocare contains 2 patches that sell at 129 Baht. Hydrocare comes with various properties, quick healing and is boosted by 3 Thai herbs, namely, Centella that heals wounds and stimulates collagen building by speeding tissue forming; Long Pepper that helps draining lymph and pus from wounds; and Turmeric that helps deodorizing unwanted smell from wounds, reducing inflammation and helping blood circulation. The work belongs to the following 4th year students of the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy: 1) Mr. Wisarut Hanglee, 2) Mr. Saharat Wanna, 3) Miss Nithida Khepandung, 4) Miss Arisa Pisitpornpitikul, and 5) Miss Nichapa Singsri.
3. Cyclones Team, with their work called: Quickhire, a website made to meet the need in finding part-time jobs. It acts as the mediator that links the needs of employers with job seekers. The web stores information including the history of employment and different capacities. Entrepreneurs are able to know at once if the applicant has the required qualifications or not without having to lose the time in screening the information. The work belongs to the following first year students of the Faculty of Engineering: 1) Mr. Apisit Kanpanom, 2) Miss Nattanicha Preecha-anatakul, 3) Miss Tidalak Muangpan, and 4) Mr. Yotin Nantasen.
The 3 teams produced the prototype products that are ready for business extension, and passed through the business planning mechanism of Khon Kaen University Science Park. Their works meet the Thailand 4.0 policy that promotes startup businesses under the Government’s policy for economic development and will enhance entrepreneurs in Thailand to grow and succeed in their businesses.

News: Nattakan
Photos: Noppadon


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