Isan tung rises to fame in Germany and Japan

Isan tungs presented in Germany by Sila Homestay and TAT gain much interest from Germany and Japan, and many orders have been placed including order in the country; Bureau of Academic Service therefore organizes the training session

Mr. Bancha Prapol, Deputy Director of Bureau of Academic Service, Khon Kaen University opened the training session in the topic of “Creative Economic Development Project for Sila Community Enterprise Enhancement” or “Isan Tung Workshop Project.” The training session was divided in 2 groups. The session of the 1st group was on September 4, 2019. The target group was schools for senior people in Sila District. The session of the 2nd group was on September 8, 2019 and the target groups were youth guides and teenagers in the areas of Ban Tagae, Huai Sun, Bueng Itao, Dong Pong, and Nong Pai. This project allowed people in these communities to apply for membership so that they would receive orders for making tungs.

The 2 main activities were 1) learning about definitions of each kind of tung, what occasion it is used, history of tung, and the current trend of tung that can make profit (revive, preserve, and maintain); and 2) making tungs in 5 patterns – square tung, hexagonal tung, octagonal tung, long strip tung (applied style), and contemporary tung (accessories). The mentor of the workshop was Sila Tung Enterprise, who was tung expert and invited to conduct workshop at many organizations.  

Miss Saowalak Racham, an academic officer of Bureau of Academic Service and project coordinator, revealed, “Sila Homestay has already grossed 600,000 baht from the orders placed from November 2018 – July 2019.”

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Information:  Saowalak Racham

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