Office of Academic Services serves the public with the smart health check box for the first time

August 6, 2020 – Office of Academic Service and Faculty of Engineering joined Phra Yuen Mingmongkon Sub-district Municipality to carry out public health check using the smart health-check machine aiming at having people aware of their health.

Asst. Prof. Kiat Saengarun, Ph.D., Director of Office of Academic Service chaired the opening ceremony of the project: “Checking the public health with the innovation, “Smart Health Check Cubicle” at Phra Yuen Mingmongkon Sub-district Municipality, Phra Yuen, Khon Kaen. Dr. Chavis Srichan, an engineering lecturer, who owns the machine patent, head of the project, and the academic service follow-up and evaluating committee of KKU, led by Assoc. Prof. Ampon Honak joined.

Asst. Prof. Kiat Saengarun, Ph.D., Director of Office of Academic Service said in his opening address, “Health is very important to all. That was why we coordinated with an expert from Faculty of Engineering, who came up with a new innovation – Suk Sala smart health examination box – to carry out health checking for people so that they can take care of themselves and plan their health care.”

Dr. Chavis Srichan, the engineering expert who invented this machine explained, “The Suk Sala smart health-check box” is composed of different sensors that measure height, weight, diabetes, blood pressure. It also examines lungs and heart and detects intestine gas, the cause of cancer. After checking, the machine will record the data in the form of health database. An AI application then performs initial screening before physician’s diagnosis and treatment.”

Mr. Chairot Wanphet, Phra Yuen Mingmongkon Sub-district Mayor revealed, “Phra Yuen Mingmongkon Sub-district people are the first to receive the health check. We are the prototype sub-district. I think everyone in the sub-district should have their health checked up.”

Mr. Thongbai Khunthawong said, “The result indicated that I don’t have hypertension or diabetes. Everything is ok except the intestinal gas showed a high reading, higher than normal. I think I should go to the hospital for more examination.”

Mrs. Thongwan Mungkhun said, “This Suk Sala smart health-check box is very useful. It fundamentally tells us our health condition, and so we can control our diet by reducing fat, sweet and salty foods.”

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