Architecture student majoring in design wins a copper medal from the 4th National Youth design Awards

Congratulations! Bodindech Yaenthaisong, a 3rd year design student of Faculty of Architecture, on receiving a copper medal from the 4th National Youth design Awards, in the category of Furniture Design. The award also includes a trophy and an amount of 10,000 baht. Khun Pipat Rachakitprakarn, Minister of Ministry of Tourism and Sports conferred the awards to winners in the ceremony that took place on September 17, 2020 at Rama Garden Hotel, Viphavadee-Rangsit Road in Bangkok.

The work by Bodindech Yaenthaisong, which was awarded a copper medal included a “chair” for leaning on, a “stool” that leans on bamboo and a “side desk” for placing objects. All of the 3 items are made of bamboo and has been designed to meet human’s body and usage behaviors. The weight distribution factors as well as load and pressure have been taken into account. The production techniques involve connecting bamboo in the same style used by the community. The bamboo pieces were cut under heat so that the furniture can be simply made in the community. Ajarn Apinya Asarat, a lecturer of Department of Design was the project’s supervisor.

This year’s issue is designing for developing community products and promoting sustainable tourism. The categories classified were: fashion design for developing earth-dye for cloth or “See Maya” and design of goods and bamboo furniture for Youth Community in Yala. The 4th National Youth design Awards selected the winners of the first round in Furniture Design and Fashion Design on July 3, 2020. Then the winners had to join a workshop in design on July 11-12, to acquire more knowledge in designing and listen to suggestions for their work, which was submitted to the judging committee to decide on the winners on August 9. The winners received the awards on September 17, 2020.

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News: Kannapat Sirikiat

Photos: Ajarn Apinya Asarat

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