KKU joins Provincial Commercial Office to upgrade goods to an international level for exporting to Saudi Arabia market

September 21, 2022 – The Science Park of Khon Kaen University and Khon Kaen Provincial Commercial Office led by Mr. Charnchai Wandee, Khon Kaen Chief Commercial Officer had a meeting on “Understanding Saudi Arabia Market”. Mr. Apichat Prasertsud, Director of the Department of International Trade Promotion in Jeddah came to give advice on development of goods that meet the FAO’s GMP, HACCP, and Halal, as well as businesses in Saudi Arabia to entrepreneurs under the Northeast Science Park. Saudi Arabia Government has a policy to import a great number of constructional materials, furniture, seafood, chicken, vegetables and fruits, and manufactured agricultural products. Saudi Arabia citizens earn very high income, and so their purchasing power is high. However, export to Saudi Arabia necessitates reliability of entrepreneurs and the goods must meet the standard levels and should be popular in Thailand.

News: Natthakan
Information source / Photos: Pornchawarat


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